You know what you did

Richie top posters!
The new boys…

The Man

All the readers who lurk.
All the Baller Wolves who are checking me out
All the commemorators who came and left…

(please forgive me for anyone I forget)

Give yourself a round of applause!

1 million views in the Foxhole!

I love you.
I love you.
I FUCKING love you.

When I started this site, I was unsure as I was scared.
But I knew I wanted something that I could be myself and just say what I felt.
Thank you all for allowing me to just do that.
IJF has blossomed into something great epic for people like me to talk, get advice, cut up, and shoot the shit.
I have seen so many come and go.
But most of all, I have seen amazing growth with EVERYONE, including myself.
Hopefully I have inspired you…
…or at least turned you on lol

So we aiming for that billi, huh?

Well then okay….
Let me get my snacks, Wolves, and the supplies and get ready for this journey!

Who wants shot gun?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I got dibs on backseat passengers side!!! Congratulations Jamari, and thank you for giving people like us a forum to vent, release, and try to make sense of this crazy ass world that we live in!!!

    1. ^it’s you guys who make the site POP.
      the comments and the opinions.
      even when we are going at it.
      even if we do not agree,
      we are RESPECTFUL.
      i look forward to the comments because you all have helped me grow as well as each other!

      1. Would u believe I heard not one word of the song? Lol

        No matter how many times I’ve seen it, im always in awe of how booty meat can move.

    1. He not bad looking. He could easily be in a dawgpound flick.

      I found the whole act kind of corny because most top notch women aren’t into all this, usually just the thirsty and ugly ones.

  2. #whoisjamarifox :
    Vain actually hipped us onto him remember guys?
    He had one pic that made me jack off on SIGHT.

    I was like… i did? Then i clicked on the video lol. He is FINE. AS. HELL!!! OMG!!!

    But anyway, Congratulations!!! You deserve it. Thank you for creating a space where ideas and thoughts and opinions can be made freely. You’ve put a lot of work into this and its touched a lot of lives. You’re doing great work. =)

    1. ^thanks Vain!
      And yes, you have a keen eye for these Wolves.
      Thank God for you!

      and thank you for the compliment.
      3 years later and we are all still growing and learning.
      At least this site helps gives all of us an idea what we want/think/and deserve.

  3. Sorry Jamari I was sleep. WHOOP WHOOP BREAK OUT THE SHOT GLASSES AND BLUNTS WE GOT A PARTY!!! I Remember when I first saw this blog the first thing that caught my eye was that pic of devin Thomas. Who woulda thought I woulda been around for this long let’s keep goin!!! S/N soooo we all down for the cruse now well atleast a meeting at sizzle

  4. Congrats!!! I would stop by every now and then. And then one day, something possessed me to comment. I’ve been hooked ever since. Your site is welcoming, comforting, and interesting. keep up the good work. Can we add a little head to this party???

  5. Wow a million man that is unbelievable, but this is the one of the few websites that I must visit daily to make it through another day and thats the Shirley Ceaser Hold My Mule truth. This blog has made me think about so many things that pertain to my life in a whole new light. Im now dropping the knowledge I get on here to others to make them better. Lets put it in overdrive and hit a Billion Baby!!!!!!!!

  6. CONGRATS J! YOU THE BUSINESS MAN! I can’t say that I check it out every day but I catch up atleast 3 times a week! TWO MILLION BY DECEMBER!!!!!

  7. So within reading this, I’ve realized that I’ve GOT to start commenting more. I’ve been a faithful reader for awhile now because I love and agree with MANY of your views Jamari. So I have to begin joining in.

    SN: Bolo is most definitely handsome but strippers turn me off with their gimmicks, costumes, and air licking. SMH

    But you’ll be hearing from me a whole lot more often. I might send an occasional picture. lol

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