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everything to make you put that extra cake or the bottle of henny down (big belly business)

during the battle between beenie man vs bounty killer on versuz,
the main talk was:

  1. How fucking amazing it was!
  2. The belly on Beenie Man

¬†beenie was a real slim wolf in his prime so i’m sure age had a lot to with it.

i’ve heard that overindulgence of alcohol starts to show up in your stomach first.
ive seen guys go from having abs to having serious beer bellies due to drinking high key.
that abusing hard likka will catch up to ya eventually.
i was wondering if this was the same situation with busta rhymes?
remember he was muscular thick back in the day?

he put up his recent weight loss journey on ig a few days ago..

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When The Dick Is Disrespectfully Big

now a fox has seen some big pipes.
the foxhole,
and the internet,
has opened me up to some really big meat.
no pun intended.
i don’t understand why dicks are so big nowadays.
is it in the chicken?
the mcdonalds?
well a f-bi sent me what appears to be…


take a look…
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Tashaun Gipson Has Some Pipe Leakage For The Foxhole

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.26.36 PMfoxhole.
let’s talk about tashaun gipson.
he is the nfl baller wolf who played for the cleveland browns,
but now he plays for the jacksonville jaguars.
judging from ^that picture,
you would think he was single and being an attentionisto.
he is allegedly involved and has two cubs.
so allegedly,
tashuan has been a little thirsty for some side vixen hole.
he sent a vixen reader of “industry on blast” all his meat to entice her,
but she decided to blast him all their website.
he sent her a video,
pictures of his meat,
and a shot of his pay stub.
i’m starting to see the dehydration.
the following is:


ready for it?…
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