everything to make you put that extra cake or the bottle of henny down (big belly business)

during the battle between beenie man vs bounty killer on versuz,
the main talk was:

  1. How fucking amazing it was!
  2. The belly on Beenie Man

 beenie was a real slim wolf in his prime so i’m sure age had a lot to with it.

i’ve heard that overindulgence of alcohol starts to show up in your stomach first.
ive seen guys go from having abs to having serious beer bellies due to drinking high key.
that abusing hard likka will catch up to ya eventually.
i was wondering if this was the same situation with busta rhymes?
remember he was muscular thick back in the day?

he put up his recent weight loss journey on ig a few days ago..

…and wow.
how many months along was he?
i kid.

no idea what could have caused his stomach to get like dr. robotnik from sonic,
but it could have been age,
an illness,
or drinking.
gaining weight in your stomach is usually the hardest to get off.

Let’s hope Busta dropped his alleged nasty attitude and stank homophobia in the process

speaking of weight loss,
i am BLOWN AWAY at adele.
can we talk about her glo up for a second?

she appeared on snl last night and wow,
just wow.


i fucked with big adele,
but lil’ adele is a whole situation.
you know she is feelin’ herself real heavy.

i can’t wait to hear what my sad white vixen is gonna cook up for this new album.
anytime i need a good cry,
i listen to her.
this new bawdy might come with more confidence tho.

You see what happened when Mary J started singing happy shit.

she might have some good “middle fingers to the sky on these pineapples” songs tho.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “everything to make you put that extra cake or the bottle of henny down (big belly business)”

  1. This whole post feels a little fatphobic. I don’t think that’s your intention, but to call Adele’s transformation a “glow up” is to imply that her look was inferior before she lost the weight.

  2. Busta Rhymes can get it at any size. He would have you speaking tongues and gibberish like his verse on Look At Me Now.

  3. So much of this is mental really. Sure food, liquor, all that stuff makes the pounds go on, but it’s usually mental stuff that puts weight on, and a shift in mentality to have the discipline and self love to loose that weight. Adele looks like she’s doing this for love of self.

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