mike tyson left boosie speechless when he asked him why he was talkin’ shit about the gays

i’m starting to believe that many of the males i’ve been attracted to,
had issues with,
are/were beta.
they wore a really good “alpha” fur that fooled me and many others,
but their movement was very beta.
now there is nothing wrong with being beta,
but i’m heavily turned on by alpha wolves.
you know a true alpha male when you’re around one.
even alpha vixens have a way about them.
as you know,
had all this talk about gay folks in the past.

he had different energy when confronted about it by a very alpha mike tyson.
boosie appeared on mike tyson’s podcast,
“hot boxin”,

where he was left kinda…


you peep how hesitant he was to answer if he was straight or gay by mike?

straight as an arrow.”

it seems he had to think about it first before he answered.
i’m not fontin’ that boosie is gay,
because i don’t know that pineapple,
but the foxhole knows how it goes with others.

“Those kinds” of pineapples tend to have the biggest secrets.

how many times have “those types” tried to get some secret ass/dick/both from us?
this tweet summed it up for me:

you can watch the whole thing:

lowkey: it’s always those with the big ass mouths that get humbled quickly.
their energy really changes around stronger folks if you notice.
boosie wasn’t fuckin’ with mike.
he still got paws at his 54 and still fights like he ugly:


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “mike tyson left boosie speechless when he asked him why he was talkin’ shit about the gays”

  1. Boosie been to prison and prob like fucking or getting fuck by dudes in prison! I love seeing Mike dominate that fool lol

    1. I was just about to say, how long he been in jail. He seen and did some shit that’s why he always talking about it making fun of it. Its always the ones making fun of it to hide that they are in fact what they making fun of

  2. It’s about time people are starting to see that the dudes that yell the loudest about gay people are closeted or struggling with their urges. It wasn’t that long ago that that shit would fool people.

  3. This shit is funny af! That’s what that ignorant clown deserves! I’m ashamed he from Louisiana the way he acts is just disgusting. I heard him talk about how the guys locked up was fucking while he was in prison & he went into too much detail to not have participated or like what he saw.

  4. Mike Tyson is the definition of an alpha male. You see how he had Boosie stuttering and answreing like a good submissive? Boosie kept running his mouth because he was on edge.

    This is what you bottoms want, but think the little boy with a beard and bigen will give you. Masculinity is in presence, aura, not appearance.

  5. If Tyson would have told Boosie to get on his knees right then and there and “suck his dick”, he would have done it with a quickness. Trust and believe, Tyson exerted his alpha dominance over him. Boosie would have been afraid of getting his ass seriously whooped!! He shut his ass up seriously!!

  6. Boosie always been on some bullshit with that hyper masculine shit. Bragging about getting his teen sons and nephews hoes.

    Mike said “I’ve clocked your ass from the beginning.”

    As the saying goes … the dog that barks the loudest.

  7. This not shocking he always been a bitch and they’re a lot of straight niggas just like him. His 4’9 ass prolly took some veiny serpent sized dick in prison that seeped his whole existence.

  8. He sounds like a woman born in Mississippi circa 1925. One of those artists who grew up wanting to join the mother board.

  9. I like how Mike Tyson basically checked Boosie’s homophobia for a national audience. That was some business right there. Basically he said, you are all hot and bothered about gay people, so is it because you’re fronting with your DL ass yourself? I.e., if you ain’t gay, don’t worry about gay people, including Dwyane Wade’s child. Boosie saw some of that male-male loving in jail & probably engaged in a lot himself. That wheel is squeaking & needs some oil…

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