i know campaign for penis when i see one (bobby lytes was trying to elect the penis of andre marhold?)


Have you ever campaigned for penis?

you made sure you were in the vicinity of the said wolf so he knows you’re interested.
whether it was on social media,
or in public,
you subtly (or bodly) insert yourself where you know he would be.
it all leads to him inserting himself where your foxhole would be.
the look on your face once the elected official takes his position is one of great joy.

i was on the campaign trail for a wolf of interest recently,
but he was acting too bizarre for my taste.
it felt like he was campaigning for me tbh,
but something went left and…

i feel like bobby lytes was on a full campaign mode for andre marhold‘s gigantic penis.
every time i peeped,
bobby was in the comments on IG making himself known.
he wasn’t low at all.
i guess it worked because andre was all over bobby this weekend.
andre was spotted down in south beach miami…

…at bobby’s 30th birthday party (in a pandemic?).
nah but forreal,
he was really all over bobby tho.
one of the spies over at “hollywood unlocked” caught this:

you peep that big smile on andre?
that hand on the face from bobby?
thats when the campaign trail is coming to an end.
bobby might have added andre to his trophy case.
that might have been a fun way to ring in his 30th.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “i know campaign for penis when i see one (bobby lytes was trying to elect the penis of andre marhold?)”

  1. Onlyfans content of these two coming soon…I can’t stand that queen Bobby, but I’m all here for Andre ripping her walls off lol

    1. Didn’t Bobby Lytes do an OF scene or two with Rhyheim & some of his crew? That was probably preparation for taking all of Andre. Neither one is my taste (though Andre is handsome), so no ma’am, no thanks.

  2. This won’t last. Big dicks follow the holes they haven’t conquered yet. It’s not about playing hard to get or not looking thirsty. When you can look in the mirror and say: I don’t need big dick. Big dick needs me then you will have ascended.

    Men like to chase. At least the men bottoms claim to want. It’s not about being thirsty. It’s about being present. When he hits you up, respond. And wait until he hits you up again. Have a life. Don’t sit there waiting. And when big dick REALLY wants you, it will test you. Put it on you. Don’t hear from in a month. People think having good bussy keeps a man. How is it good if everybody’s been up in you? The lies about elasticity make me laugh.

    The dick gay men want makes you be patient for it. Instead of fiending, get a dildo and relax. Our life expectancies (not including cops and racists) will increase with medicine and tech. You have time. It’s about if he can see your name next to his on mail. Not about throwing it back for everybody and their father on OnlyFans.

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