“the king of cakes”, grandy glaze, and malik joseph show us if soap or body wash lathers better

i wonder what grandy glaze’s pre-baller wolf teammates think about this sudden career shift?
it’s really interesting,
so everyone wanted it and the foxhole got it.


this is the trailer from the grandy glaze and malik joseph onlyfans collab…


and this is a sneak peek of what they’re both doing:

oh my.
grandy claims he’s the “king of cakes“…

he has others to compete with a few others,
but i’ll allow it.
all i know is you’re doing great sweetie.
keep on doing sus shit.
soon from now,
he’ll be officially on the bi side of life.


he’ll be greeted with a complimentary tongue lashing on those cheeks.

all jokes aside…
what is with this “let’s lather each other up like a bubble bath” nonsense?
so you both like to shower,

Is this really enough to pay a monthly subscription to see?

tell me we’re not paying to see this pg-13 shit?
if malik isn’t eating grandy’s groceries by the end of this video,
they can keep it.

13 thoughts on ““the king of cakes”, grandy glaze, and malik joseph show us if soap or body wash lathers better

  1. Grandy is attractive and all but his goofy ass is gay for pay. He did a whole IG Story about it. So while I watch a leak I will not pay at all for that. And Malik 🙄 I did a month of his OF what kills me is the additional paying for videos after you’ve already paid for the subscription. It’s like are you kidding me. Him and a few others like Seff Breezy put out crappy content or 1 min/ 2 min videos of content that suggests what’s happening or what will happen and when you take the bait it’s trash. You’d do better to remember some of your own Star worthy moments than to pay for it. Smdh

  2. what’s new today is old tomorrow. they all have expiration dates, they trying to hold on. a new fresh face joins insta, twitter, and the fans every single day. from the iconic hustle n flow line….it’s hard out here for a onlyfans lol

  3. I sick of this. The supposed straight dude looked uncomfortable! I wish gay men would stop support these scammers!! This just really really bad porn!!

  4. Fuck eating ass will they both suck each other’s dicks? That’s what I’d be more interested in seeing. Nice ass for sure but eat/suck EVERYTHING don’t just be about eating ass.

  5. I originally subscribed to Grandy only fans. He has a nice body but I feel he’s just doing things to get paid I don’t feel he’s gay. I just feel he’s trying too hard to stay relevant. At one point he had even deleted the onlyfans. He had a girlfriend at one point but I don’t see her anymore. Maybe she grew tired of his antics

      1. Jamari, keep in mind that Glaze was sending guys vids and stuff way before Onlyfans. Even before Snapchat and his early Instagram days, there were pictures with his ass all out.

        To me at least, it’s something he enjoys doing, but since it’s his first time doing it on camera with
        a guy, it’s going to look hella awkward, especially without editing. Imagine how some of those Sean Cody vids look before the guy got comfortable and opened up…

  6. What Malik does is lower his subscription price down and when you subscribe you have to pay extra to get his videos which aren’t even that good. This will probably be a yawn fest smh.

  7. Lmao! I Hope Malik eat it better than he did Lamont.
    Grandy better let him work it. I wonder if they are going to fuck though… it does seem like Malik is getting more and more with each collab

    1. ^ i hope there is some kind of point to their collab.
      if i see these two taking a shower and talking about the weather after,
      it’s gonna get stamped a big “YAWN”.

      go hard or go home.

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