its the mystery of whats behind the onlyfans that makes onlyfans, onlyfans

the mystery is always sexy when we are attracted to someone.
even if they are lame af,
it’s a mystery that turns a 4 into a 9 really fast.
our imaginations are what put them up on pedestals.
we daydream about dating them because we think they’ll be amazing.
we fantasize how good they’ll be in bed and how they’ll make us cum every time.
i think that’s the reason why onlyfans is a successful platform.
let’s imagine if onlyfans and pornhub were actual people…

think of pornhub,
and others like it,
as the hoe on the block.
humans don’t like easy,
especially males.
if things were so easy to get,
we would all own homes and have successful businesses.
if random-ass groceries showed up at our doorsteps for free,
with no one there to hand it to us,
we would question wtf was going on.

in order to view anyone’s onlyfans,
you have to pay for it unless they make it free,
and even then,
you’ll still gonna pay to view exclusive content.
that why “what’s behind this wall?” is intriguing.

humans are curious creatures.

But see,
that’s the thing…

when two people are insanely attracted to each other,
there is an energy that is built.
that energy is the sexual attraction being built up.
you know what i’m talmbout.
once they seal the deal,
the results are explosive.
they BOTH end up fucking each other.
if onlyfans were a person,
once we get access to see what’s behind that wall,
we’ll either:

A. Bust a nut and move on
B. Vex because this is not what was expected.

 you paid for that mystery tho.
it’s that dopamine hit that will get you each time.
imagine how many one-sided mysteries we been attracted to,
invested time in daydreaming about them,
only to be disappointed when we finally get to see what was behind it all?
that’s some of these onlyfans for me.

lowkey: if you gonna be a mystery,
be interesting once the veil has been lifted.
nothing worst than falling for a potential asshole,
a corpse in bed,
a scammer,
or a nightmare come to life.
thats some of these onlyfans come to life.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “its the mystery of whats behind the onlyfans that makes onlyfans, onlyfans”

  1. What I don’t get is where everybody is getting this money from to pay for OnlyFans. Is the bill being paid by unemployment? I’m confused.

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