i don’t want any man if he ain’t able to buy me a birkin bag (yuppppppp)

the hermes birkin bag.
it is an item of luxury.
i remember hearing about this bag on an episode of “sex and the city“:

a birkin can range from 40k to 500k.
i hear it doesn’t lose value depending on the condition you keep it in.
birkins became the top topic on social media this week because of saweetie.
she said ( x send your wolf back to streets ) if he doesn’t buy you a birkin or pay your bills.
this is her new song with jhene aiko called “back to the streets“:


i shared the same sentiments as kayla nicole jones on her ig via “the shade room”…


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#KaylaNicoleJones comin’ through with a message about all of this conversation about #Birkin bags! (SWIPE)

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first off,
are folks now hearing about birkins?
ima need folks not to be a few decades late.
star fox (rip) introduced me to that bag since he was an aspiring stylist.
there was a damn waiting list on those bags.
celebs were trying to bribe their way to the front and hermes wasn’t having it.

we are in a gaddamn pandemic,
in a depression at this point,
with the highest unemployment that this country has ever seen.
people are struggling and broke out here.
some states have folks homeless and begging.
the government is playing around with stimulus checks and unemployment boosts but…

…the conversation is if your man can’t afford a 40k+ bag,
or pay your bills,
you gotta drop him for someone who can?

some of these folks can’t even keep a man interested after he fucks,
let alone dropping stacks on a bag.
listen to these vain and out of touch celebs if you want to.

lowkey: i don’t need someone else to buy me a bag.
i’d feel more accomplished buying the damn bag myself.
i would like someone to help/teach me get some ads and sponsorships on the foxhole tho.
i would suck him until his ancestors were dancing in my mouth.

x take a look at birkins on hermes

13 thoughts on “i don’t want any man if he ain’t able to buy me a birkin bag (yuppppppp)

  1. I can’t believe a bunch of men are discussing Birkin bags, and if a man can’t buy you one.

    First, let’s talk about facts. Our society is set-up to make women believe they need and require a man to be whole (personally, spiritually, and financially). The Birkin Bag is a metaphor for something bigger.

    Black men are failing at their jobs horrendously. These dudes can’t provide or function as the breadwinner but want their women to conform to the old social constructs -I Am the Man, do as I say. You can’t have it both ways. I grew up with my father, watched him worked his butt off, and never relied on my mom’s income.He wanted control and believed finance was a critical part, and the other was his belief system. Did he get it? Not really (lol). What it taught me is you can’t control another adult, but you can work with them as a partner. My mother was fiercely independent and taught my sisters to be independent and not dependent on a man’s income for your own livelihood and success. Get that as well.

    To young gay guys and transgender women, I will give you some good advice. Get out of the Black construct of I am down with the broken brother (financially and everything else). Brother doesn’t want anything and will ride on your coattails and exhaust you.

    I tell my nieces and young male friends, if he can’t bring the same finances to the table, don’t invest…matter of fact: RUN. It will not work. Nothing worst to see is women (Especially Trans women, because they tend to be in these situations the most) or gay men killing themselves to keep the household intact while the broke and dusty buster brown sits and watch television or on PlayStation (like a teenager and smoking weed). And, will ask you for the money to buy a bag (LOL). Nothing worst than a man that can’t cover his own habit.

    And, another note. When a negro is over the age of 21, and you keep saying he has potential, that is a losing situation. Potential doesn’t pay bills, put food on the table, pay the rent or mortgage, the car note, and set up a nest egg.

    Now, I am done. So I applaud Sweetie and Cardi B because they are winning. Now, Nikki Minaj?????? Watch her hood booger take her for a ride in a few years. He has it all over him. He gives off the tease of Larenz Tate in Ashanti’s video “Rain on Me.” She will end up like Mary J. Blige and Sherri Shepard.

  2. I feel sorry for black people. This. This is what we are worried about while the greatest transition of power is happening in the United States, and the world.

    We have no power.

    We are the poorest with Birkin Bags.

    We own nothing.

    Still second class citizens.

    Divided. We do nothing but play all day and fuck.

    Blind as to what is to come with the next 3 months….

    1. TRUTH!! It’s not the time to worry about a damn 👛…. My mother told me today that it’s time to go back and get our knees dirty and PRAY!!! 🙏🙏

      1. Praying is good, but without action it’s pointless. You see white folk out here relying on Jesus? Nope…they pray, come together, then take racist action.

        If Jesus ain’t heard us by now, shouldn’t that tell us something?

    2. She could have spent that Birkin money on a better lyric video.

      What in the name of 2007 funnyjunk.com flash animation is that video even? I deadass thought it was fanmade

  3. If that birkin can’t talk to me when I’m lonely, nurse me when I’m ill, protect me when I’m in danger, make me happy when I’m sad; well you get what I’m saying, it ain’t for me. Saweetie don’t look any better just because she’s carrying a birkin. Help someone in need if you want to shine, and don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. That says a lot about her.

      1. She’s not a rapper. She’s the pretty girl from highschool so people go nuts when she talks to music.

        1. Finally someone thinks the same way I feel…..She don’t rap….she just talks to music!!!! THANK U!!

  4. A queen. Beautifully put and she’s very self-aware. Many are unemployed, so this whole discussion is insensitive and asinine.

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