i know campaign for penis when i see one (bobby lytes was trying to elect the penis of andre marhold?)


Have you ever campaigned for penis?

you made sure you were in the vicinity of the said wolf so he knows you’re interested.
whether it was on social media,
or in public,
you subtly (or bodly) insert yourself where you know he would be.
it all leads to him inserting himself where your foxhole would be.
the look on your face once the elected official takes his position is one of great joy.

i was on the campaign trail for a wolf of interest recently,
but he was acting too bizarre for my taste.
it felt like he was campaigning for me tbh,
but something went left and…

i feel like bobby lytes was on a full campaign mode for andre marhold‘s gigantic penis.
every time i peeped,
bobby was in the comments on IG making himself known.
he wasn’t low at all.
i guess it worked because andre was all over bobby this weekend.
andre was spotted down in south beach miami…

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please add kanye west on the presidential ticket! we need more excitement!

is he still trying to do this?
we shall entertain it.
so kanye is asking to be written in as a candidate for the 2020 presidential race.
he released this video to help push you to get a pen and paper

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Chris Paul is Daddy

i have a secret crush on chris paul.
i think i’ve mentioned it to the foxhole before,
but if not,
well there it is!
chris paul is a good looking baller wolf.
i love his eyes,
and another body part i’ll mention in a few.
so he did a father’s day campaign with his cubs for bloomingdales.
check em out…
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Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton Present “The Takeover”

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.31.23 PM

well this is about to be interesting.
obama just endorsed hilary clinton on her run for president.
well he wasn’t going to endorse donald trump.is this foxhole excited?
*slight groans*
well donald trump decided to clapback on twitter and well…
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“Lets Get Fit!” With An Almost Naked Kerry Rhodes?

play_rhodes_paint_400it looks like peanut is on a revealing tangent.
after it was implied that kerry was allegedly banging maxwell,
the vomit rose in peanut’s throat.
so what would any common folk do?
well he:

a: says that he dating jason collins now

b: shows the world what he doesn’t have the luxury of having anymore

i mean look at all of this “alleged” prime beef here…

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Jay Z Stanning For Miley Cyrus?

tumblr_m17dnfPzV61r2dtiwo1_400i love hova.
my bk homie.
he’s one of the respected rappers turned wolf moguls today,
but he’s confusing my foxi spirit with this “miley cyrus” stanning.
he sat down with angieee @ hot97 to talk about “twerk miley miley twerk”.
plus some beyonce, obama, and dame dash stuff…

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