Chris Paul is Daddy

i have a secret crush on chris paul.
i think i’ve mentioned it to the foxhole before,
but if not,
well there it is!
chris paul is a good looking baller wolf.
i love his eyes,
and another body part i’ll mention in a few.
so he did a father’s day campaign with his cubs for bloomingdales.
check em out…

isn’t that precious?
you peep the arms?
to the bawdy part i mentioned i liked,
check this video @:28 and you’ll see what i mean:

i mean…

chris paul probably has the biggest tail in the nba.

chris looks so innocent,
but i know those types all to well.
you’ll have them as “daddy” up in your phone.

7 thoughts on “Chris Paul is Daddy

  1. Chris Paul has always been handsome, but his personality has always did it for me. Since he was drafted, he has been the same guy.

  2. yes Taurus , always come off innocent and after fucking you down with stamina , yep he now daddy. These type you know too well may very well be Tauruses.

  3. Yeeeh, LeBron prolly tapping that….or Deondre…or both! I wouldn’t doubt it.

  4. That gif took me out. Lol. He’s always been attractive, in addition to being a great player.

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