Chris Paul is Daddy

i have a secret crush on chris paul.
i think i’ve mentioned it to the foxhole before,
but if not,
well there it is!
chris paul is a good looking baller wolf.
i love his eyes,
and another body part i’ll mention in a few.
so he did a father’s day campaign with his cubs for bloomingdales.
check em out…
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f0xmail: When A Big Butt Has A lot of S__t Behind It

Drop_Canopy_Blindfoldedalleged shit.
so as you know,

i have a f-bi that spans the entire united states.
we are in locker rooms,
the scenes,
at the clubs,
and in the classrooms.
hell the foxhole is also international!
well i got an interesting f0xmail today about a popular attentionisto.
as always,
f0xmails are “alleged” until proven otherwise.
so that means don’t come attacking me.
i didn’t write it.
anyway check the following…
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