i wonder if i woulda been straight like my daddy?

i pray that i’ve never provided anyone with any trauma out here.
we don’t realize the things we do can really fuck someone up.
they can carry that trauma with them for years,
crippling them from being the best versions of themselves.
on my birthday,

my daddy called me and we had a transparent conversation.
i wanted to hear his side of the story and i’ll be honest with you…

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i can’t even call him daddy (i don’t know him)

when i started this website,
there were things in my personal life that i wanted to keep to myself.
i knew one day,
i’d put all the cards on the table.
my therapist suggested that i write the following.
so the other night,
i had a dream i was getting married to a wolf that was obsessed with me.
my dream manz was introducing me to his parents and i said to myself within the dream:

“I don’t have anyone to introduce him to.”

it made me sad,
but it made me feel compelled to write this entry…

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forever mistah wants you to pay to see him in full blown “daddy” mode

there was a moment i was obsessed with forever mistah.
i still think he is sexy af,
but i’m the type who hates his fantasies to post all the time.
i love a sense of mystery to my menz.
i’ve heard it all from the fox vine:

“He allegedly escorts”.
“He has an alleged rich suga dad from Africa.”
“He fucks you with the lights on so you can see his feet.”

the last one was my thoughts.
either way,
forever mistah has joined the paid content crew,
but on a completely different platform.
one of the foxholers sent me this
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deven hubbard is a straight daddy

deven hubbard posted this picture and the caption was this:

he is letting us know that he didn’t gain any baby weight.
deven is a daddy now.
to some of you,
a heavy “dilf“.
his daughter has arrived and this is what he posted on his ig…

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daddy issues? (pose the question)

so i’ve put “oitnb” and “dear white people” on pause for this week.
i had other shows to catch up on.
you know it’s bad when i have to pause a show to watch others.
i heard everyone talking and fonting about the last episode of “pose“.
episode 8.
season 2.
i finally watched it and…

*light spoilers*

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he got on his knees at church to bless someone (not the way you imagined)

How far can folks go?

we live in a “push the limits” society these days.
we all do things in hopes of it going viral.
it can fuck you hard if it does.
the foxhole sent me the following video that has been circulating.
it’s a pineapple getting head at church and well…

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