he got on his knees at church to bless someone (not the way you imagined)

How far can folks go?

we live in a “push the limits” society these days.
we all do things in hopes of it going viral.
it can fuck you hard if it does.
the foxhole sent me the following video that has been circulating.
it’s a pineapple getting head at church and well…


well the f-bi allegedly found the two who in the video:

i know some folks who have fucked in church.
two straights i use to know.
they were counselors at the church summer camp.
after they put the kids down for a nap,
they went off and fucked like rabbits within the pews.
star fox (rip) gave someone head in church too.
it was the same summer camp situation.
some pastors literally lie,
and steal in churches.
the best dls come out of the church too.
they will fuck you like it’s the last day on earth,
but be at the altar on sunday repenting all the sinnin’.
church is just a building for some.
i guess the difference between these two and the others:

They don’t record their sins.

21 thoughts on “he got on his knees at church to bless someone (not the way you imagined)

  1. Degrading for them to do such in the church. We already have such a hard time as it is!!

  2. I knew it would be the fat, femme, dark queen who was video’d performing the act. I’m sure he tops the other one, just when the camera is off.

    I’m just glad to see no fats/no fems/no darkskins is dying out in the age of #anutisanut

  3. It is not a big deal to me where it happened. It is just a building. I know it is considered “sacred” “holy”, “Gods house”, etc. etc. God is everywhere so now everyone up in arms because the same shit they do in the bedroom, car, etc. is still in God’s presence. This happens more than we think, they just got caught. I wouldn’t do it out of respect for my church family, like I wouldn’t do it at my mama’s house.

  4. I actually find nothing wrong with this. The reason people think it is is because we’ve been brainwashed into thinking about sexual acts as sinful. But they aren’t evil, so wherever you do them, as long it’s consensual adults, it’s all good.

  5. Mr. Giggles, lmao…thats funny. Now everytime I hear that, I think of him laughing…I cant, lol

  6. I’m always initially surprised when some of y’all don’t get why this is wrong and start going on tangents about what “pastors do”, then I remember a lot of people don’t have respect for themselves, so how can they have respect for anyone or anything else? You literally compare yourself to a deviant predator that’s already within the church who likely doesn’t respect himself either.

    I might not be a Buddhist or Muslim, but I’d be respectful if I was in a temple or mosque.

    People stay recording themselves in these public spaces, but it honestly doesn’t even look like they’re enjoying the actual act. Like doing drugs without getting high smh.

    1. They pick and chose what they find disrespectful. that why some of their lives are so fuck up. if its not about them, they can careless.

  7. Shame! That dick was pretty tho. He could have at least went in the bathroom smh. No respect!

    1. if the bathroom is still in the church. how is that going to make it better. please make that make sense.
      they could have went to the corner store or something. nothing in the church. when black church start their gays going hell speech. do not get upset.

  8. I have deep reverence for all of the world’s religion. They BOTH need they ass whooped. There is a time and place for everything. Disrespectful ass pineapples.

    1. Sir, while I understand that you find this offensive and you have that right but why is this so surprising to you? This is what goes on in the church all of the time now you have a visual representation of the debauchery you should be thankful that these men did you a favor by giving you that visual concrete evidence now it’s up to you sir If you wanna continue to participate in this organization that damns homosexuality but love it every time the door is closed and the faggot they damned to that man-made Christian hell is on his knees sucking on the preachers dick so no shade but don’t y’all it’s time to move on and stay home on a Sunday and keep ya money and ya self respect? Cause these churches are not going to save you from the reality that we are going to eventually deal with that we are all going to die and that’s just what it is.

      1. I have to disagree. that kind of act does not going on in all church’s all the time. My question I have for you is, why do you feel that its you place to somebody what they believe in is man made. if you do not believe in church, keep it to yourself.

        1. Well, sir, I have to disagree with you on a couple of things how do you know what I believe? I never once gave you or anyone else, for that matter an indication of what I believe or don’t believe you are just assuming at this point because my comment doesn’t align with your exacting beliefs remember not everyone who believes in a higher power believes in the same way it seems like you respect the church more than you do god because if did have at least a modicum of respect for Gods laws you wouldn’t be coming at me the way you did this is an open forum sir the world doesn’t revolve around your world view or even mine for that matter so just accept that other people are going to have different beliefs than you can we agree on that?

    1. Why do it in the church in the first place. that so disrespectful .

      you wonder why church people hate gay people.

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