“bienaime’s child” makes their tv debut!

so as you know from my last entry,
bienaime’s child” was gonna make their tv debut.
marshun cooper,
and joshua benoit appeared on “right this minute” on abc.
this was the outcome

some bts from where they filmed:

charlie is clearly the “beyonce” of this group.

so i learned:

– all single
– like cake
– thought the idea was corny,
but it worked
– mama’s friends already trying to cougar
– there will be another 3some coming soon

i think marvin has already started the next viral video.
it’s looking like “drinking“:

they should definitely take this show on the road.
i’d buy tickets.

lowkey: i love marvin’s bts with these wolves…

…although i would be “TIED” of that camera in my face.

pictures and videos cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on ““bienaime’s child” makes their tv debut!”

  1. Donnie was the golden child…. I miss that ol chocolate thang…😩 They all fine af, Marvin knows what he’s doing.

  2. Joshua is not facially cute & if you look up close on Marshun his facial structure is like a frog I don’t find them attractive. I can’t see why you & others are obsessed!

  3. Let’s be real a hard body beats a hurt face and these guys hardly have a hurt face, so that’s the obsession. I feel bad for Charlie, Marshun, and Joshua because this is a nonexistent exchange. This is a total win for Marvin (and good for him) his stock is about to be through the roof as he can add this to the list of things he can do for his models, he’s going to have them lined up around the corner and that good for those of us who enjoy some eye candy. As for these three, this is their moment and I’m not getting anything from them no personality, no talent, no ambition; I mean really what are they doing all this for… do they have music to promote, do they want to be actors, or have some role in the entertainment industry I just don’t know.

  4. I will always have a thing for Charlie. It is just something about that can that gets me going. I just need a good 30 minutes and I will be satisfied.

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