the muscular they are, they harder they fall?

just because you are muscular,
it doesn’t always mean you can fight.
big misconception.
so i posted ^that wolf the other day on the ig foxhole.


^his name is b. carter.
he’s a doctor and a john hopkin’s alum.
a foxholer sent me a video of him,
and his alleged boyfriend:
fighting in the streets on sunday.
this is the outcome

one minute he was crazy hype and the next he was on the floor.

i can’t.
you can see b. carter sprinkled throughout these other videos:


you’re a whole doctor.

Why are you out here acting common?

at any age,
or sexuality,
brawling in the forests doesn’t do pineapples any favors.

lowkey: does every squabble have to end in fighting in the streets?

videos and pictures cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “the muscular they are, they harder they fall?”

  1. Is that Atlanta? and he should know better especially someone in the health care field, aka “Do no harm”.

  2. And this guy is a MD.. acting like that out in public..If any relationship bring U down to that level, it’s time to move on.

  3. are u serious? I agree I just hope this doesn’t find it’s way back to his job or practice. You know some jobs have a morals and character clause. about the worst thing he could have been involved in. watch the company you keep period…boyfriend, friend, partner whatever…he invested too much of his life in a career and profession to be out in the streets like that.

  4. Wow!! I’m speachless, and I bet it was over something stupid! Not a good look, sissies fighting in the streets, no wonder we can’t get any respect! Some black gays are so damn messy!!! That’s one reason why I ride Solo dolo.

  5. B Carter, you’re too fine to be carrying on like this! I hope things work out for you,. Baby when it gets to a point where you’re arguing and fighting constantly, it’s time to move on.

  6. So I’ve been told that the black gays stopped goin’ to Nellie’s bar on U St in DC, which u see in the vids, relatively recently after being fed up w/ purported racist and discriminatory behavior and decided to patron Brixton’s bar which is directly across the street and also has a balcony… so some of the shots were taken from Brixton’s vantage point. I’m like pretty soon Brixton’s bout to start shun them too if they keep ackin’ a damn fool like dis not only in the clubs but in the damns streest and sidewalks… *heavy sigh*

    “Also in D.C., Nellies has had multiple incidents of racism, with different treatment of Black guest’s vs. white guests when altercations occur. This includes the removal of the DJ on days with more Black patrons, changes from glassware to plastic, and even removing Hennessy, the unofficial drink of Black people. They currently fly a “Blue Lives Matter” flag, despite having a largely populated crowd of Black patrons on the weekends.”

    1. This is all facts. We (hey I claim the community lol) left Nellie’s a while back. They did everything they could to get us out of there.

      I like Brixton a lot. There’s a few bad apples here and there but usually it’s a good time. The gays take over a few other spots on the strip too lol.

  7. Everyone screaming “SO GHETTO,THE SISSYS” Cut your shit because I’m sure if your GOOD SISTER about to box you jumping in… I KNOW I AM!! Doctor or not and that boy swung FIRST!! So it is what it is…. That Doctor should also choose his battles wisely because I’m sure he’s In danger of losing his job!!

  8. So, just because we’re educated with careers we’re supposed to be punks and not defend ourselves? Get all the way real! That Dr. King 💩💩 will have people running you home as a whole grown man 😂😂 I don’t agree with actin a complete fool in public but I will say the heterosexual crowd is definitely more bangy after let out! I’m a Hopkins alum str8 from Homewood, but I’d be a whole spineless coward to not stand my ground. So some bunny pop you in the face this summer you just walking off Jamari? 😂😂😂😂 This whole thread is hilarious😂😂

    1. “So some bunny pop you in the face this summer you just walking off Jamari?”

      Hey Gifted, did you see what happened before the first posted video? Or do you have intimate knowledge of exactly what transpired before you see the doc and his dude raging and his boy throw the first punch? I would dare say there were plenty of opportunities for him and his boy to be like ‘u know what, I have a lot of shit I worked really hard to obtain to lose, and I’m outta here’… but it appears they didn’t and not only further engage, but possibly instigated the actual throw down… and that’s totally a diff circumstance than ‘standing [their] ground’.

    2. ^”jamari fox,
      aspiring blogger,
      killed in street fight…”

      so this can go in many different directions.

      a – i’m killed,
      everyone talks about how i had a promising future,
      and wonders why i even fought in the first place.

      “i thought jamari was classy,
      but he was fighting in the streets.”

      b – i win,
      but someone was recording and it gets back to my hr department.
      they don’t want that representing their company and i’m fired.
      that travels with me all throughout my life and i can’t get a job.

      c – i win,
      but i end up killing him in the process.
      now i’m in jail and the judge is asking me,

      “why didn’t you walk away?”

      d – i win,
      i rule supreme,
      and there are no consequences.

      all different options.
      choose wisely.

      1. Eeexactly Jamari… I mean seriously… If u think after a few drinks you’ll be unable to control your impulses, I suggest you jus stay the fuck home…

  9. Im just gone say sometimes we get caught up in the moment. At the end of the day, many of us grew up boxing in our neighborhoods and no matter how old you get, and how many degrees and how professional as Black People we still got the fight in us. A couple of years ago I was at a resort and me and my best friend almost came to blows with this messy ass queen who ironically was an attorney from D.C. Alcohol and Testosterone do not mix well when somebody starts some shit. I aint gone lie, I will still box a M.F if it comes to that, I would hope I dont need too and I might even get my ass kicked being that I havent had a fight in decades but hey its still in me. Luckily, I am big enough were I really dont have that problem now, my size will make somebody think twice. I am going to charge this to the game and not be too harsh just because this dude is a Doctor. Honestly, I could not really tell who was fighting who from these videos. Messy Punks will push anybody buttons.

  10. Based on the media files in this post, I’m making an educated guess that the man getting out of the pool is the doctor and that the light skinned man pictured next to him in the white hat is his boyfriend. Now in the first fight video, the Doctor’s boyfriend the light skinned bald dude with the white pants, right? It so, then HE is the one who got knocked the fuck out, not the doctor. Are we watching the same video? Or am I missing something? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. Where did the misconception come from that gym results = fighting ability? Just the other day I saw on the news that some muscle queen down in Philly got his ass beat by a bunch of teenagers… teenagers! Men with real strength don’t have whittled down midsections like these queens yall love oh so much. That’s why Anthony Joshua’s behind got wasssssshhhhhed by that butterbean looking mofo. Muscle queens got 0 hands. Next time invest in mace, a switchblade, or a 9.

    1. @DJ

      you are speaking some truth! These muscle queens spend thousands on the gym and clothes yet won’t spend a dime to learn how to properly defend themselves.

  12. Jamari Fox this post is completely false about that guy and that whole situation. Don’t post lies and ruin his positive reputation. Take this down!!

    1. @MR, exactly what part of the story is “completely false”? A confirmed doctor (by his own IG acct) and his “friend” get in a fight and his boy gets TKO’d in the resultant mess… and the whole situation is not a good look for anybody, let alone someone who’s put in a lot of time, effort, and $ into their career… and, guess what? IT’S ALL CLEARLY ON FILM!!! Where’s the falsities?

      If you’re a friend/fam/associate of any party involved, then your apparent (faux) indignation is understood, but it doesn’t change any of the FACTS laid out in this post or the reality that the whole situation was lame a/f.

      1. Let me find out we have cleaners on this site. Boy if you don’t get!

        Jamari, you better not remove your entry like you did the with Dominican thot and his silver daddy.

      2. I was at the Brixton rooftop watching the whole fight this day. The main fight was going on before those clips and involved the real fighters Jamari could have targeted. I don’t know who these guys are and who the guy on the ground was. But the guy on the ground had actually ran into the “no parking” sign pole, which knocked him down. FAKE NEWS. This blog post should be reported as cyber bullying.

  13. I need for people to do better. Every time I turn around I see gay men fighting in the streets, and most of the time it is over nothing. I guess the only good thing is that they are attractive, and seems to be the only trait they bring to the table.

  14. I didn’t watch the video cause I didn’t care to see anyone fight but I know one thing… Some of these posts have me tickled down.😂

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