so i watched the “’19 bet awards” and well…

so usually i’d font my thoughts after an award show.

Who told the ’19 Bet Awards to not end before my bedtime?

i decided to do it after work today.
these are a few thoughts of the show…

 all these years of doing this show and you mean to tell me:

They ain’t got no working mics?

they don’t ever get their sound working properly.

regina hall was a cool host.
she made me laugh at times,
although there were others i was like “huh?“.
she was great comedic timing tho.
i was a tad confused with all the dc gentrification talk.
she is in cali.

i thought cardi kilt this performance.
i really fucked with offset dancing too.
even though she lip synced,
i was still entertained.

da baby is a different kind of sexy for me.


lizzo took me back to an mid “2000” award show performance.
you know,
when it was a good time.
i really like themes and spectacles.
her on that big ass cake did that.
the flute >>>
that corset was doing her no favors tho.
it looked like she was wearing an adult diaper.

even though lil nas x was getting dragged earlier yesterday,
old town road” is pretty much the song of the summer.
it’s funny how billy ray cyrus did his thing being himself,
but when his daughter tried:

…she continues to fail miserably.
let this be a lesson to all.

that was amount of time the city girls -1 was on stage.
the transition to lil baby was terrible too.

mary was my favorite performance of the night.
she’s a legend and deserves all the roses.
she is literally my childhood too.
as a kid,
i didn’t understand her music fully,
but i did take a liking to “i’m going down“.
that really resonated with me with my depression.
as far as the performance goes,
you could tell she was tired after a while,
but she did her thing.
kim killed it,
and she looked good in that burgundy,
but method mannnnnnnn

i was never in lust over meth,
but when did he get all this “meal like“?
i clearly missed the memo.
*added to wet dreams list.*

say what you want about tyler,
but his hustle is unmatched.
i enjoyed that speech,
although i caught a hint of shade in it.

oh look…
i love a chocolate sunday.
get it?
why didn’t john singleton get a longer tribute?
bet plays “baby boy” damn near every day.
taraji and tyrese don’t ever have to not worry about royalties.
no one in the audience stood up for him either.
i didn’t like that.

in the hell…
was nipsey mama talmbout?

mvp of the night.


not a lot of people watched because of the lack of promo.
i literally heard about it last friday.
aside from that,
it was “improved” from last year.
that is the word i’ll used.
it’s “our” own award show so i try to support when i can.
it was still kinda iffy,
but it had some entertaining moments.
is it me or…

Did they only give out 4 awards?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “so i watched the “’19 bet awards” and well…”

  1. Jamari we can not forget about Fantasia even tho her mic was low I still loved her performance and she looked AMAZING. We can not forget about my fav MARY J Blige fell in love with her in the 6th grade. I seems like all the R&B singers performed through out the weekend and didn’t perform on the main stage. Someone story on IG said ” Do I have to watch Bet hip-hop awards since I watched the Bet awards where were the singers.” My only question is why didn’t somebody come and sweep that stage after Regina Hall’s intro all the confetti stayed on the floor and the stage

  2. Taraji is from DC so that’s why she shed spotlight on DonTMUTEDC. Because of gentrification you have white folks letting their dogs shit on Howard’s campus and you have white neighbors complaining about GOGO music being played in the streets. Basically these colonizers have moved into the city and have tried to strip the culture and history with their complaints.

    1. Exactly! She spoke on DC because that’s home… California is business! Its sad to see my old neighborhood stripped of it’s Black historic roots and turned over to colonizers in the name of “Urban Redevelopment!”

  3. Sadly without Stephen Hill, BET Awards is nothing more than mere coonery with moments of excellence. Regina Hall killed her opening and had me doing da butt like it was 1988. Fantasia was good but something was off about her performance, could have been the song but it ain’t hit me like she usually does. Mary was wore the fuck out but she pushed through. She should have let others sing her songs instead. Her vocals were a mess but she gave us the Mary dance so we good. Kim slaughtered like the Queen she is! Method man was looking daddyish surprisingly. Marsha ambrosias and John Legend tore it up! Lizzo repped for the fat girls but she sounded a hot mess and that corset was ill fitting. Rihanna gave me life! I caught all of that on YouTube lol

  4. Some thoughts
    Cardi B, her performance was ok I think its further evidence of Nicki Minaj’s downfall. I know BET messed up by talking trash about Nicki but at the end of the day Nicki will need BET long before BET will need Nicki

    Lizzo: I found out about her by reading the foxhole and I have been a fan ever since. All her performances have been great, but I think she will start to get a lot of hate especially from some of our favorites stans because Lizzo’s creativity will be perceived as a threat.

    Lil Nas X: I am fascinated by him at this point. I just listened to Old Town Road for the first time in its entirety as well as watched the music video and …. I liked it. What really impresses me about him at this point is that he is moderate to incredibly attractive at 20 years old and clean cut with a clean-cut image at this point, which makes him very marketable. I’m looking at the popularity of the song and its something that children, teenagers, and adults can get into. With all eyes on him, the world could be his oyster I’m interested in where his career will take him.

    Mary J Blige: It’s good to see Mary get her well-deserved recognition, she’s been having hits for a long time now. Lil Kim looked good, but she always sounds winded to me, like she’s screaming into the mic. Method Man has always looked good and he definitely looks good for someone who’s practically 50 years old.

    What’s surprising is that the award show was very political and very subtly tried to play towards the very real conversations being had in the Black community across this Nation. You saw that with the gentrification commentary, which is a very real thing happening across this nation as black people are being displaced by people wanting to move back into the cities. I have a respect for Tyler Perry and what he’s been able to accomplish and the fact that he employs a lot of black people in the process but his speech is receiving a lot of backlash as it came across as “Pull yourself up by your bootstrapish”. You look at Morris Chestnut standing next to Damson Idris and it brings up the conversation of so many roles going to foreign-born black people vs American born black people. You look at Burna Boy’s mom’s speech and it brings up the discussion of ADOS (American Descendants of Slaves; African Americans) vs. the African Diaspora (Pan Africanism) conversations actively being had on social media.

  5. I know it has been 9 months but they didn’t even speak Arethas name…no song, no tribute, nothing..damn shame.

  6. Award shows are trash now, but it was refreshing to see a Black audience embrace Lizzo. Some of us can really be narrow minded when it comes to the “alternative” types. MJB needs to use a backing track when she dances (and drinks) although half of the problem was BET’s shitty audio people. I’m tired of all this fake Nipsey love. The bastards they panned to in the audience didn’t even know his songs. Most people don’t. He should’ve been honored for his humanitarian work while he was still living. Where was Aretha’s tribute? They didn’t have to do a big one but damn at least acknowledge the queen. Once again BET missed the mark. BET Awards is for kids now. Just shut the whole goddamn channel down already!

  7. I stopped watching award shows about 2yrs ago. The political grandstanding is a bit too much for me. I want to be entertained when I enjoy music and movie culture. It’s supposed to be an escape.

    Having said that, it was good to see the clips.

  8. The BET Awards has turned into a concert. They only give out 4 awards because a lot of artists don’t bother to attend unless they’re newer artists. The only time big artists come unless its somebody big getting an award that has to show up. The backstage mishaps, gets worst and worst. How is it that they use the same place yet can’t fix all the technical issues. The ratings are dropping because no one watches BET anymore. These new shows get the pull and thats it. They are trying to make BET like VH1 but they dont have a good lineup to do it so they use movies and plays to fill the gaps. You can see the difference between the new administration and the Deborah Lee/Stephen Hill’s BET. The new administration cut out all the tributes, cut more awards, and can’t find a decent host. Regina Hall was ok but her purposely wrong references didn’t come thru how she thought they did. A lot of people didn’t get it and thought she was actually for real. She would have done better bringing out characters she played. Brenda from Scary Movie would have been perfect. Then she could’ve brought up some of her cast from Think Like A Man. That’s what people go to the BET Awards to see. They are going to end up losing it like the VIBE Awards and Source Awards and MTV will be the only awards show. I don’t know why they don’t use MTV people, they work for the same company, its aired on their channels.

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