forever mistah wants you to pay to see him in full blown “daddy” mode

there was a moment i was obsessed with forever mistah.
i still think he is sexy af,
but i’m the type who hates his fantasies to post all the time.
i love a sense of mystery to my menz.
i’ve heard it all from the fox vine:

“He allegedly escorts”.
“He has an alleged rich suga dad from Africa.”
“He fucks you with the lights on so you can see his feet.”

the last one was my thoughts.
either way,
forever mistah has joined the paid content crew,
but on a completely different platform.
one of the foxholers sent me this

instead of going to onlyfans,
he started a patreon.
now i don’t know how different the two platforms are,
but i don’t think you can bring nudes and sex over to that forest.
my thing is…

Is this gonna be paid IG content?

what will be so different for free that will be offered for 25 dollars?
i’ll be honest with you,
i want to know if he is good in bed?
he can dance really well,
but does he have the same energy throwing pipe?
i’m being honest.

i mean,
when you look like this with a solid fan base:

…folks will pay for it.
when people want to fuck “daddy”,
they’ll pay for anything.

lowkey: i thought he was a teacher.

he was half nekkid and making me mentally cum.

check out forever mistah on: patreon

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “forever mistah wants you to pay to see him in full blown “daddy” mode”

  1. Some ppl over at the lpsg forum think this is fake. I’m skeptical myself. A teacher huh?! Quite interesting, if that’s true.

  2. Covid got these wanna be models/ celebrities selling ass left and right.
    Some of them are good to look at. They sure disappoint when it come to the bedroom action.

  3. I’d fact check it from his IG account first. He has said many times that the Twitter account is fake but In all honesty I wish it were true. I’ve been following him for some years now and I believe he worked at children healthcare and then moved to being a fitness trainer. Baby daddy is sexy, wish he had an only fans page. I can’t tell if he is a bottom, top or Vera. Now that dude Dacoverboi, his friend, I do believe is an escort.

  4. These boys think they can fool everybody all the time another one of those FITNESS guru but never have any woman on their feed….hmm…..I am sure he has a well kept life. Make your coins buddy but it wont be from me

  5. I really wish I saw what everybody else sees, but he’s just borderline attractive to me. And super corny (shrug)

  6. Jamari, have you considered snagging an attractive bigger guy, hitting the gym together and having the shallow ones who overlooked him, seethe?

    Because these wake up at 5AM to go jogging, snatch the chips out of your hands and throw them away, counting your carbs types are NOT fun. They’re nice to look at but make you feel guilty and insecure. Just saying.

    1. ^honestly,
      most of the dudes i’ve been attracted to are regula degulas.
      with some polishing and “me”,
      they can become a force when i’m with them.
      fantasies are nice to fantasize about,
      but they fall victim to fame and all the dick suckin that comes with it.

  7. I have an patreon account. I’m in the process of promoting my books and it’s a site created to promote visuals and projects so it may not be porn but shows and videos to promote other things.

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