lil kim is going to relive 90s fantasies by becoming a sex worker?

when you think of it,
this poster for lil kim’s “hardcore” was the 90s “wap” controversy.
lil kim taught me about sex at such a young age.
i didn’t even know folks was putting dicks in their mouths until her iconic line:

“I use to be scared of the dick,
now I throws lips to shit,
handle it like a real bitch…”

kim came a long way and fell tf off.
everything she has released since “put your lighters up” has been mid or pure bunk.
well she is deciding to try a new venture with her husband,
mr. papers

first of all,
i didn’t even know she was married.
that was the first shocker.
the second is someone of her legendary status shouldn’t be on onlyfans.
if this was kim today:

…i would have probably not hesitated on tuning in.
kim isn’t as sexy as she use to be.
i don’t particularly want to see her posing naked or getting fucked.
madonna and her are suffering from a disease called “bored legends“.
they didn’t improve as the years went on.
they either started trying to keep up with the young vixens,
do the most off the wall shit,
or have use scratching our heads in dismay.
i feel like when a legend shows up,
it should be for some exclusive shit.
kim starting an onlyfans screams pathetic to me.
i’m sure some of the gen xers might live out their wildest “hardcore” fantasies:

…but the millennials will pass.
they ain’t buying her music so why would they want to see her naked?
this might not be it.

lowkey: imagine if big was alive…
would this even be a conversation?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “lil kim is going to relive 90s fantasies by becoming a sex worker?”

  1. She don’t love herself. Pure and simple.

    Lil Kim should never be on Love and Hip Hop. So why is she going to a platform where Safaree and Erica Mena are on?

    I remember Evelyn from Basketball Wives saying she wanted to be like Tom Brady and Giselle. I laughed knowing she was delusional. Lil Kim is now equating herself to the Love and Hip Hop reality crew.

    She should be beyond this. She should have ventures outside of music. Why doesn’t she have a lingerie line? A sextoy line? Heck, a WINE? Nicki has several!

    I will never forget her Paypal album fiasco. She is not acting like a queen. I remember Beyonce sending her tickets to her concert. But I remember thinking “But she did a song with Nicki before she did one with Kim”. Lil Kim CONSTANTLY plays herself and it pisses me off.

    She was a perfectly fine Black women who was disrespected by Black men, messed up her face and clearly thinks because music doesn’t sell like it used to, she’s only good for OnlyFans

    LilKim should be on live doing a versus battle with Foxxy Brown. In the studio. Making music for her loyal fans. Not this autotune BS she’s been on lately. This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad!

    (I’m pretty sure she’s not married to him. He’s just the father of her child. She should have never had a child by him. At least have a child by a Nas or somebody. She’s lowered her stock. Name ONE Mr. Paper’s song? I’ll wait. Queens should run with Kings. This is why you don’t date fans)

    1. Lawd hammercy Cornelius comment hurt my feelings and I don’t even fool with little Kim.

      One of the reasons why little Kim is at the bottom now is because she is proud and she’s not humble. If she outgrew her pettiness a lot of doors would’ve open for her.

      I also believe fashion is the main reason why she’s talked about otherwise she wouldn’t be as celebrated as she is. She’s not even BIGs main chick yet rocked with it for marketing purposes.

      She’s behaving this way because this new generation of female rappers won’t collab with her and because she doesn’t the same penmanship support as before:

      “Imma throw shade if I can’t get paid”.

      Acknowledgement is not enough if it doesn’t benefit her financially.

      1. I’m not a fan but I respect how innovative and different she was. If she could put on blinders and just do her and not try to do what the young girls are doing, she could come up with something interesting. The Lil Kim on Keyshia Cole’s Let it Go was the last of an era.

  2. Kim has had more success than 99.9 % of the people who hate on her..I’m not in her shoes so I cant judge.All these celebrities have faults and like you and I fall short. I believe they all will do anything for attention. It is what it is.

    1. Keyword: had. She’s had things repossessed and tax issues, hence living the way she used to, but the money isn’t coming in as quickly as it used to. I’m sure she still gets royalties, but it’s not like she’s in-demand for photoshoots or to be a fashion muse.

    2. This is so sad!!! And they stay clowning Foxy….Ha. I love Lil’ Kim and regardless of what they say, she created a wave that these chicks still riding!! I wish she would realize, she looking less and less like the “Queen Bitch” that we knew and more and more like the “Old Bitch in the Club”!! At least Foxy & Queen Pen knew when to somewhat sit they ass down!!!

  3. Yeah I’m srry but Lil Kim getting an only fans makes me feel like she isn’t doing great Financially; Don’t know the women’s finances, and Im fully aware she would make a nice amount but something in me feels like “Damn if a rap icon, who once was a legit millionaire & black household name has to do Onlyfans…..something ain’t right” now I recognize nobody is better then ANYONE, but for ME, Onlyfans seems beneath her…plain & simple

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