steven beck doesn’t want you to blame him (he just ain’t anybody)

steven beck is one of the most talked about attentionistos i post.
i can post him on the ig foxhole tomorrow and i’ll get about 20+ messages about him.
usually it’s about his [redacted].
steven has always been trying to be a singer before attentionisto.

he released a video called “don’t blame me” on his youtube and well…

“I’m not just anybody…”

you sure tf not steven.
so i fucks with it.
he has a nice voice,
stayed in his vocal lane,
and it wasn’t auto tuned to hell.
it reminds me of how r&b use to sound before the shift happened.
there are still a few artists who continue to capture what good r&b is.
i could def see this song being played on a late night radio mix on spotify and apple music.
did he even promote this song?


ima need him to do more promotion (or release an EP) before it fades away into the sunset.

lowkey: i’m not gonna hold you,
but his memoirs are gonna be poppin’.
i want to hear his stories because i know he pulls.
he been fione.


steven commands attention and it brings the best of the best of the best.
he has something because he been in the attentionisto game for years and still the talk.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “steven beck doesn’t want you to blame him (he just ain’t anybody)”

  1. If it’s not Kash Dinero, I’m not interested. I’m also not into the “I ain’t gay bro” guys when he’s parting cheeks like the Red Sea and flooding them like Noah.

  2. Don’t Blame Me wasn’t bad! Balance seems like an attempt at Afrobeats. I will give his album a chance.

    Balance reminded me of someone else vocally with the raspiness. He’s probably embarassed to promote. Look how tough the crowd is here (including me). Everytime he’s been on here, he’s been “gay adjacent” and I’m not into that. This is comparable to Chris Brown’s music who has a great ear for production, but cannot sing live and people somehow overlook it.

  3. Haven’t heard his name in ages. The 2010-2015 male Instagram honeys really are washed up now, save for a few.

  4. Dont Blame Isn’t bad. He can sing and has the image that the industry loves he can definitely make it if he promotes it and keep the momentum on but he can’t seem to leave his attentionisto ways behind

  5. I like It and I like that he used a darker skin black model in his video.Most of the time the models in these videos or light skin or racially ambiguous so I found it refreshing to see her.

    BTW people, mostly women, call him gay all the time on his page and he almost never claps back unless they are disrespectful.Sometimes he will reply to them with a joke but he never says “I’m not gay or I’m straight”.I’ve read he did years ago but in the last couple of years or so I’ve never seen him deny it when they say or ask if he’s gay.

  6. If he started an Onlyfans people be like another attentionisto struggling and showing out for money – he put this out and people dogging him out lol, it’s like people just want to have something negative to say…smdh
    I listened to the song, was actually pretty good- and the visual is dope if you look at it objectively…
    Let folk live and progress, black/gay folk be the first to tear you down –
    We in 2020…folk still that concerned if he gay or not lol

    Idk – if he ain’t doing the same, or headed down the same, show ya self for money road the rest doing I say goof for him

  7. If he started an onlyfans folks would be like here’s another one who went the route showing his body for money, another victim of covid, etc
    Doing something productive, song is actually pretty good and so is the visual if folk look at it objectively
    It’s like people just want to have something negative to say about him lol- he prob lol at all the speculations of gay (which I never heard him deny) and expectations he’ll be another victim of the only fans world – and then drops some good content – idk…let people live and progress – got too much other neg shyt in this world rite now – I appreciate the different route he has taken

      1. He had( or has) a ConnectPal account where he posted nude pics.I think he told somebody on his page that he has never had an Onlyfans account.

  8. I am not attracted but I can’t deny he is talanted. don’t blame me sounds like early 2000s R&B like. tank or jaheim.

  9. Oh! Man Steven the Queen Beyonce was right pretty does hurt this man is hated or dislike becuase his pretty. That man behind the cloud some call him God makes sure that he does not give your everthing it either he makes pretty, smart and talented but he will not give you all this 3 trait 😂

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