gay males are allowed to compliment straight males? (say less)

gay males give the best compliments to straight males.
we have an eye for the attractive and the well dressed.
i’ve had numerous straights hit me up after i’ve featured them on one of my platforms.
it was all love and many thanks.
the straights who are confident in their sexuality aren’t the ones offended.
it’s the ones who get all up in their feelings

in a title that screams new yawk,
the wolves over at “say less with kaz” had this to say about being complimented by gay males…

i always tell straights if you’re getting compliments by males and vixens,
you are pretty fuckin’ attractive.
when i compliment you,
that doesn’t mean i’m trying to get some dick.
it just means something about you looked good and i felt to speak on it.

I don’t compliment every straight male

so i come out my shell to say:

“You are a very handsome guy.”

“That shirt looks fly on you.”

“This dude here is the shit/a star/fuckin amazing…”

…then you are something special or i really liked your outfit.
if you give me the green light to touch you after a compliment…

Say less.

the amount of up-tightness about being featured on the foxhole amuses me tho.
what kills me is there are many vixens who read the foxhole too.
those are the ones i’ve concluded only want specific platforms complimenting them.

lowkey: i use to compliment work wolf all the time.
i would tell him his arms were getting bigger or i’m seeing his work out goals.
 i’d complimented his bunz and he didn’t get mad.
one day i said:

“You butt is getting really big.”

…and he legit let me touch it.
he was an entirely different story tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “gay males are allowed to compliment straight males? (say less)”

  1. Ha these would not have been the Str8 men I envisioned getting compliments from gay males but maybe I am old fashion.

    1. Right… me must’ve had his mouth closed until after the compliment, then they wanted to take it back; the untold part of the story.

  2. Some Straight men kind of pick and choose when to be “fake” offended. If you’re gay complimenting a straight man in a social setting with other eyes hawking, high possibility he will act ignorant. In private that’s a different story. He’ll probably brush it off, or even if he’s uncomfortable not say anything.

    I’m all for people complimenting, but like Cornelius said I’m not a ego booster for men who already think that I’ll be attracted to them by default just because I’m gay. A lot of straight men think that all you have to be is a man for us to be attracted to you, as if we have no type or standards. So I’m good on complimenting, me simply looking at you will be all the life you’ll get.

  3. Jamari, I love your article imaged. They’re always eye-catching, attention grabbing and you use GIFs immaculately. It’s the care that goes into this website that will make it sustainable.

    1. ^awww thank you c.
      that means a lot and i’m glad you see the details i pour into the foxhole.
      it makes me happy that folks notice and pay attention!

      thank you for making my night!

  4. I’m good. I will compliment a straight woman to brighten her day before I compliment a straight man. I refuse to boost their egos.

      1. Straight women blush and say “thank you”. She can be the meanest-looking, intimidating woman but when it’s a GENUINE compliment and yes there’s a difference between a compliment, catcalling and a pickup line, you can tell it makes their day. It’s never a “thank you”. It’s a “Thank youuuuu” The furthest I go is if straight men are dressed for a formal event and if they say “How do I look?” THEN I will say that it’s a fly suit, but that’s it. I compliment my male family members all the time, but other guys..heck no!

        1. ^lmao

          every dude i decided to compliment never threw me out a glass window lol
          usually i compliment dudes i’m familiar with.
          maybe i should rephrase that i don’t compliment strangers LOL

        2. ^ i won’t lie i feel more comfortable complimenting straight vixens who is strangers.
          that’s how the pretty vixen and i ended up becoming bffs tbh.
          hell i think all the vixens i’m friends with started off with a compliment LMAO

          1. Yes, I get you. I can compliment women I don’t know. Not men. I.compliment my male friends. Should have clarified.

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