michelle obama gives a great speech but ends up getting dragged (a slight tug)

michelle obama is a godsend.
when she speaks; i listen.
i still haven’t gotten over her phrase for “when they go low, we go high“.
via ( x time ):

In an interview with The New York Times while promoting her popular new memoir Becoming, Obama took the time to unpack the meaning behind her words, expanding on what “going high” really means when you’re faced with a challenge.

“‘Going high’ doesn’t mean you don’t feel the hurt, or you’re not entitled to an emotion,” she explained. “It means that your response has to reflect the solution. It shouldn’t come from a place of anger or vengefulness. Barack and I had to figure that out. Anger may feel good in the moment, but it’s not going to move the ball forward.”

last night at the dnc,
i waited up all night for her speech for joe biden.
it was magical:

words couldn’t describe the power i felt in her words.
of course,
a republican by the name of scott presier pulled up an old michelle interview.
it was in regards to her “wonderful friend” harvey weinstein and well…

okay so wow

in our own lives,
we might be “wonderful friends” with criminals as well.
we truly don’t know who we are cool or even family with at times.
many people were shocked to find out their wonderful friends,
and even children are demons.
we can just hope those around us are moving right and won’t embarrass us.
harvey weinstein,
even tho a full fledged demon of a hyena,
was wealthy and powerful at one point of his life.
he donated to many democratic nominees besides barack when he was in power.
could michelle and obama have known of his filthy ways?
like others in hollywood,
did they decided to turn the other cheek?
it’s funny…

Many have turned the other cheek to Trump but here we are.

even those who are his biggest stans have done the same.
so i’m not gonna press michelle because at the time,
the biggest donor was in full support of her husband running for office.
btdubs: he won twice.
michelle has danced and done shit with ellen and look at ( x where 2020 has brought her ).


even criminals can have a heart of gold.
i’m sure trump is an angel to those he is close with and gets support from.

lowkey: even trump came for her after her speech…

michelle always gets them so bothered,
don’t she?

7 thoughts on “michelle obama gives a great speech but ends up getting dragged (a slight tug)

  1. What Billions of lives he saved, because his dumb ass excuse for controlling this pandemic, discredits everything he said. Look at his statement alone, he has a hard on for Obama and this is all his mess, not Obama.

  2. I am so tired of “this person was seen with that monster who is now cancelled” we must now cancel her by association. it makes no sense. politions spend a great deal raising money. of course their paths would cross. if he gave Obama money of course she would thank him.

    Michelle isn’t an actress nor is she involved in the inner workings of Hollywood. Harvey’s reputation was an open secret “in Hollywood.” to outsiders he was just a Hollywood big money guy that everyone thanked at award shows. I don’t know what Michelle knew, but i would believe her if she didn’t know about the sexual assaults.

    Ps if she did know I am sure they would have distanced themselves from him to avoid any scandal.

  3. YAWN… Republican hater who just HAS to say something .. did he mention the lecherous, grab the by the pussy Orange hair man that calls himself President who has all those GOPers fawning over his stinking white ass? He can KMA and Kiss Michele ass as well. Have no time for them. MAll of them.. nothing but fucking hypocrites and greedy imbeciles 🤮🤮🤮

  4. Let me know when they finally cancel Woody Allen. Blows my mind how the pervs in Hollywood pick and choose who to take the fall for all of them.

    1. What Cornelius “ SAID!” ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 #hadtochangemycomment #mygawd #preachCorn

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