tim norman from “sweetie pies” is about to be under the jail (another 2020 exposure)

i knew something was off about this one.
well tim norman from the show,
sweetie pies“on own,
is another whose mask got yoinked off in 2020.
this is one hell of a year foxhole.
tim is going to jail for a very long time because…

James Timothy Norman, 41, of Jackson, Mississippi, was charged by a federal complaint on August 11, 2020. He was arrested this morning in Jackson, Mississippi.

Norman was charged with conspiracy to use interstate commerce facilities in the commission of a murder-for-hire, resulting in death.

According to the complaint, Norman conspired with Terica Ellis and others to use a facility of interstate commerce, namely, a cellular telephone, to commit a murder-for-hire in exchange for United States currency, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1958.

In 2014, Norman obtained a $450,000 life insurance policy on his 18-year-old nephew, Andre Montgomery, on which Norman was the sole beneficiary. In the days leading up to Montgomery’s murder, Ellis, an exotic dancer residing in Memphis, Tennessee, communicated with Montgomery and informed him that she was planning to be in St. Louis.

On March 13, 2016, the day before Montgomery’s murder, Norman flew to St. Louis, Missouri from his home in Los Angeles, California.

On March 14, 2016, Ellis and Norman communicated using temporary phones activated that day. Ellis also used the temporary phone to communicate with Montgomery and learn his physical location. Immediately after learning Montgomery’s location, Ellis placed a call to Norman.

On March 14, 2016, at approximately 8:02 p.m., Montgomery was killed by gunfire at 3964 Natural Bridge Avenue in the City of St. Louis. Ellis’s phone location information places her in the vicinity of the murder at time of the homicide. Immediately following Montgomery’s murder, Ellis placed a call to Norman, and then began travelling to Memphis, Tennessee.

In the days after the murder, Ellis deposited over $9,000 in cash into various bank accounts.

On March 21, 2016, Norman contacted the life insurance company in an attempt to collect on the life insurance policy he had obtained on his nephew.

Terica Ellis was also charged by complaint with conspiracy to use interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire, resulting in death.

i am blown away.
he had his own nephew killed for money.
ain’t that some low down shit?
andre was a big part of that story line on that show:

and then the fact he is doing all this while being allegedly responsible:

this is gonna destroy miss robbie.
she was so hurt by his death.
to know her own son was allegedly involved might send her to an early grave.

People out here are legit psychopaths.

you don’t know who is plotting on you.
they can be your family,
know your secrets,
give you the best sex in the world,
hell even say “i love you“,
and be the hyenas responsible for your demise.

this is so shocking to me.
tim got tits and hips so jail might where he gets humbled.
rip to andre.
his spirit can finally rest.

lowkey: his baby mama dodged a bullet.

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Author: jamari fox

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40 thoughts on “tim norman from “sweetie pies” is about to be under the jail (another 2020 exposure)”

  1. I. Am. Speechless.
    His own nephew.
    Who can we trust????????????????????????????
    This is heartbreaking. I feel like it was homophobia-influenced honestly and they seem religious. So much for acting how Jesus would.

      i barely found words to type this up.
      this makes me understand why people are so guarded.
      it makes me much more guarded because this is some real demonic shit.

  2. I hope this aint true. This shit is about to put Ms. Robbie in a grave. I am so DONE with the human race. There’s just simply no fucking low for humans!

    1. ^and smiling in the mugshot like he won the lottery.
      i am absolutely disgusted and it has me looking at people differently now.
      you don’t know WHO is plotting against you.

  3. I’ve always said it….money is the root of most of the evil acts in this world!!! To have a family member killed for insurance money is horrible. I really hope this isn’t true, but if it is he will pay by losing his family!! SAD 😢

    1. Money had Africans selling out their own. Imagine if we traded for what we needed and didn’t let pieces of metal and paper rule our lives? COMMUNIST! they say…

      1. Man be real with your self it was that nothing ass bitch that killed him she is the killer why they looking for the shooter it’s her sorry nothing broke busted feet Ass fasho !!!! Period I’m from st.louis I don’t fuck around but I know how things go here … oh yeah let’s never for get how this fat double wide MF smiling on the mug shot who does this in they right mind the Tim fat sloppy ass that who !!!!! Thirsty fat ass right gone win every time !!! I just feel very sad for the mother how he just never did right by her as a son ever !!!! The mother is the real blessing but she a MF as well should have been teaching her son more MF lessons not pushing so damn hard for the fam are the money ! His big fat ass was made he was not a Montgomery Like Dre and his mother.,moreover he was more looking out for his self and the son but that shit got stop as well because the lady removed her son from his fat funky ass and you did not get the death payout and back to jail your fat ass goes again for life bro !!!

    2. ^i mean he is smiling up in his mugshot.
      his exes all screamed how crazy he is.
      this is how it’s all revealed is so heart breaking.
      i cant believe what i read.
      i had to read it about 5 times because i was in shock.

    3. Money is Not the root of EVIL! The LOVE of money is is the root of all evil! Tim you are the personification a psychopath. You under estimated how loved a missed Andre. One of the key elements of a psychopath is narcissism. Tim you are an egotistical narcissist!!!

  4. So, I’ve never watched the show before, but I looked up some episodes.

    Shocked to find out lil’ Charles (skinny dude from the clip) is “straight”? My gaydar has never had more ring to it but let me let it be.

    But this is so tragic. That clip where he has the DAMN AUDACITY to walk the street where the boy was killed, his own flesh and blood and cry bout it. Jesus, that hurt me. This man is so gross and truly earned the worst punishment.

    Andre seemed so sweet and innocent. I’m bawling!

    1. I lived in St louis for 18 years. Lil Charles is def gay and down with the cinnamon and snow only. Tim drove his mom to drink. The reason her restaurants shut down in STL was because of bad money mismanagement. He tried opening other restaurants some here in houston and cali but failed due bad service and food. This man has been using his mom from the gate. Hate to say it, but this doesn’t surprise me.

  5. Yo this shit legit made me tear up/ sick! I use to watch that show and thought Andre was a good kid he just needed a lil guidance, beautiful genuine smile and he was always respectful to His family, he seemed to really love his Uncle too! So How the FUCK do you live with yourself! (Tears are coming) I have a now grown Nephew that loves me and I could not THINK of causing him any harm!!!! I swear Demons are real and they do NOT look like how the movies portray! They wear human faces, and the fact that his “man” is SMILING in that mug shot tells me I am completely right, oh poor Miss Robbie….

  6. I have no words!! My mouth was on the floor reading this!! I watched this show when it was on air and Miss Robbie was devastated by his death! Tim has done prison time before so he will definitely be in there for life.

  7. I just can’t with that big sloppy fucker! He always had an attitude that he was better than the rest of the family anyway! The way he treated his mom I wouldn’t put it past him, just always money hungry! That’s a different kind of evil to do that to your own family & not show any remorse!

      1. Yep cause he was basically trying to take her business from her & thought she wasn’t going to fight for it.

          1. I’m just disgusted! He pretty much had that boy killed for nothing because he didn’t even get the money! Big sorry dumbass! Then another thing is they was sitting on a gold mine with the restaurants!

  8. Pure evil
    If this is true, it is unbelievable to me how he was able to look Miss Robbie,Charles and the rest of the family in the eye knowing he arranged André’s murder.It’s hard watching that reunion clip seeing all them heartbroken and thinking about how shocked and betrayed they must be feeling tonight.

    He took out that insurance policy in 2014 but Andre wasn’t murdered until 2016 I wonder if he tried to have him murdered before? SMH

    1. He’s a sociopath. Look up the definition. Was even smiling in his mugshot. He doesn’t know what remorse is.

  9. You all recall the family kept saying it was someone Andre knew because he got a phone call to come outside. He steps out and gets shot.

  10. I heard this news this evening from a friend and this took me all the way out. My heart legit was hurt. I watched the show and I know how Ms. Robbie tried so hard for him not to be a statistic. I have had young family members taken out tragically but to be taken out by your own blood is something that I cannot even wrap my head around at this time. This is one sick ass MF. Them big hips are gonna make someone real happy at night in the Cell-block. I cant believe this pineapple is only 41 I thought he was in his 50’s. He is just all around evil. I feel so bad for the family. 2020 has been one hell of a year.

  11. He schemed on that boys death for two years y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looked him all in his face, smiled on him, kissed on him, loved on him, all big bro type ish for TWO YEARS!!!! and all the while he was planning on murdering that young man. wdf

    Most likely he’s a sociopath.

    Then lets talk about how people watch tv shows and movies and think they know how to get away with murder:
    This dumb hoe uses HER GMAIL to talk about the murder with him?! Then they buy “burner phones” as if they can’t be tracked like any other phone. News flash. Those temp phones you pick up from BestBuy ARE NOT ANONYMOUS!

    Then he pays her $9k cash because “eVErybOdy kNoWS T3n tHoUSanD wILL fLaG the POlice” lmfao
    ANOTHER LIE! All suspicious activity is flagged by the bank. Including lump sums of thousands of dollars from an otherwise broke chick. Also, what broke bootleg bottom barrel hitman only charges $9k??!!!!!

    This line from the affidavit sent me, “Prior to the homicide, Ellis’s checking account had a negative balance.”
    LMAOOOOOOOOO – they aint have to mention that!!!

    This whole story is beyond sad, but if we’re honest. We all saw something was “off” about Tim (beside him being built like a King of Diamonds stripper wit a man face)

    We gotta pay more attention to our third eye. The third eye sensed it but we ignored it.

  12. He had two sons that’s gonna grow up with out a father cause his ass going to prison !

  13. you know it makes me wonder when is enough enough. His mom had it set for him but that wasn’t enough. You know how many children would be so thankful to inherit a restaurant gold mine from their parent. i remember people were saying he was gonna run into the ground when he started trying to expand to other places. it was obvious he was just trying to stunt.

    1. Andre’s father was Ms Robbies oldest son she loss to gun violence years ago Andre lived in Lubbock Tx before coming to St louis .He has a Brother and a mom.

  14. This is sickening😥 Now I wonder if Tim had something to do with his mother’s house getting broken into a few years back? It also may be possible that he’s responsible for some of the other family members deaths that took place on that very same block ? Js😡

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