when you find out what your ex has been up to by a stranger on the dl

when we break up with a toxic ex,
the name of the game is:

“Who is gonna die lonely and miserable.”

i’m kidding!
so everyone meet zeldin aka @itszeldin from twitter.
he was hit up to join a threesome by someone named “horny dl“,
but once he saw the pic of “yellow short dude booty good af“…

i would be so embarrassed
for my ex.
i was always taught to glo TF up so exes/friends who hurt me can vomit all over their shoes.
healing comes quick when you’re trading war stories about someone’s triflin’ ass behavior.
it helps you to realize it wasn’t you.
it’s even better when they tried to ruin your reputation and they end up being exposed.
you’d get confirm they were cheating filth,
but imagine having this be the karma?


lowkey: i always want to be the ex who will stay cordial,
but he wants to get back together but he knows that’ll never happen.
once i’m done with you,
i’m done with you.

3 thoughts on “when you find out what your ex has been up to by a stranger on the dl

  1. Is that what you call a dick entanglement? Nhh uhn…

    I hope condoms were used in this whole mess.
    A broken hearted person should not deal with a compromised immune system because of their former partners irresponsibilities.

    Also, us bottoms need to conduct ourselves better. This cheater clearly has no shame because the people he’s been having threesomes with have all of his thottivity taped. That ain’t the move.

  2. Dayummmmmmmm them texts tho. Dude straight put him on blast, “we ran him the whole time yall was together” lmao

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