megan thee stallion proves she was shot so the chitter chatter can cease

i won’t lie,
when i saw ^this pic of when megan thee stallion recently with dj khaled,
i was confused as to the location of the bandages.
as you know,
she was shot in the foot by alleged gunman,
tory lanez.
well megs is sick of ya’ll questioning her about this gun shot wound so she…

well she told ya’ll…

well whatever happened,
it has gotten her pretty farsince.
tory is mia,
but megs is damn near everywhere.
she has a hit song with cardi and she ain’t been missing a beat in these forests.
as long as folks keep the convo going about what they think is going on,
i think this was a pretty good career boost for her.
it’s very similar to the rih/chris situation and you see how that turned out.

lowkey: she has more star power than tory so she’ll be fine.
he was about to go mainstream but that bag might have been fumbled.

i think he is plotting his comeback tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “megan thee stallion proves she was shot so the chitter chatter can cease”

  1. His career won’t be hurt. It will boost it. His Quarantine Radio Show got him popular again. His image of a Bad Boy may have been questionable but this solidified it and will help him. If Megan confirms it wasn’t a domestic dispute, both their careers will take off even tho, Megan put herself out there not that gunshot wound. She good regardless.

  2. Since Megan is not making a big deal about this, maybe people should let it go too. It will come out eventually.

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