so trey songz is the latest in 2020 cancellation?

everyone is coming for trey songz.
he has had accusations before,
but they were all swept under the rug.
in 2020,
this is the year of judgment.
he went from “dilf” to “get him tf outta here“.
so attenionista extraordinaire,
celina powell,
accused trey of holding her against her will and peeing on her:

in which he provided receipts to squash her claims…


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Trey Songz isn’t here for these allegations towards him between Celina and her friend

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it doesn’t help that twitter didn’t forget:

this doesn’t look too good for tremaine.
his receipts didn’t prove anything than he might like to get his cheeks eaten.
when you look back at all the other accusations,
this falls right in line of him being really aggressive.
i don’t know how tremaine is gonna get outta this one.
it seems he was trying to do a career revamp,
but this shit storm definitely didn’t help.
2020 is not playing any games with all of us.

lowkey: i think folks don’t realize their bad behavior until judgment time.
once many people start speaking out,
its hard to fight the accusations when everyone is telling the same story.

9 thoughts on “so trey songz is the latest in 2020 cancellation?

  1. Comeback? His music was lacking. It was all the same boring ballads. He needed more variety and maybe something uptempo since no one is buying music anymore. He’s more famous for his antics away from music. He should have put effort in a second career like painting or acting classes.

  2. Yea his career is going to take a fall, but about him being into getting his cakes eaten 👀 #ThatPart…I volunteer as tribute raises hand

  3. When Keke (black woman) said this, people were calling it a misunderstanding, but when Celina (an exotic woman) says it, he needs to be cancelled. I BELIEVE IT!!! & he needs to GO but BELIEVE BLACK WOMAN!

    1. You beat me to it. Keke Palmer can sing, host, dance, had 2 talkshows, several shows, can act and people still act like she’s corny. She’s not taken seriously and was CLOWNED. Just like they clowned Megan for getting shot….Even on the Swettie Pie’s post people said they thought Tim’s exes were “crazy”, but now believe them smh

      1. It’s important to know that Keke Palmers situation isn’t about sexual assault or sexual intimidation. Keke was at a party and didn’t want to be in an impromptu music video shoot and felt she was being pressured to since she was there.

        She didn’t feel sound of mind and didn’t want to do business and became overwhelmed so chose to hid in a closet in his house until someone from her team could come and pick her up.

        1. she actually described the situation as ‘sexual intimidation’ verbatim on the Wendy Williams shows, so I don’t know about that.

          1. Her live stream and other interviews beyond Wendy is a completely different story but I know for sure she wasn’t being held against her will and being threatened to perform sexual acts…

  4. Not surprised. 2020 been exposing a lot of fucked up people and their ways. 🗣️ WHO’S NEXT?! 😂😂

    And did this man ask her if she wore a condom each time?

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