trey songz is being exactly who he is tbh

last night,
as i was laying in bed,
i started to realize something about trey songz and the allegations from yesterday…

He is being his authentic self

in my head,
tremaine comes off as a sexual deviant.
from all the rumors from his stroke report,
it’s always the same story.
he is allegedly very aggressive and into all kinds of shit.
this should not be a shocker nor a surprise he is into kinky shit like peeing on someone.
many people like to be peed and shat on.
it’s fetish i’m def not interested in.
everything celina powell claimed sounds like the whispers of many others.
what got me is tremaine never use address any rumors about him.
he let his gay rumors fly so i was shocked af he decided to address this.
not gonna hold ya…

That is how he fucked himself up.

when he tried to he address the claims she might be lying,
it did the opposite of what he thought would happen.
it showed she was thirsty as she always is,
but it looks like they did fuck.
even if it wasn’t that night,
they have some kind of history together.
celina is known for allegedly lying tho so it’s a toss up what really happened.

i think he should have let this blow over,
but he got insecure and let his guilt take over.
not only that,
his bad behavior has been brought up so now he is looking real guilty.

When you have a history of bad behavior,
you’re automatically proven guilty in the court of public opinion.
Even if you’re innocent there,
you have to still address all the other shit you’re guilty of.

if he was a bad wolf like chris brown,
he should have let this go because it would have blown over in a few days.
being authentic is knowing you got shit on you and not giving a fuck.
hoes will still fuck regardless.
he decided to respond,
disrespect her,
and give everyone ammunition to use against him.
going forward for situations like this,
he might need to go back to being silent.

lowkey: i don’t think folks are feeling his blm/black love shit now,
especially since his baby mama is “other”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “trey songz is being exactly who he is tbh”

  1. He is 10000% bisexual. Just like August, Ursh, and Chris. But its their shenanigans with females that gets all the attention.

  2. Regardless what he likes to do for sex should not be anybody’s concern. If he likes aggressive sex— and! I don’t see people complaining when they watching porn. I don’t see anybody complaining or caring when you see on twitter somebody being forced down by the top foot, the top rabbit punching the bottom guts, putting a bottom in a chokehold while smashing them deep, or even folding them up like a pretzel 🥨 when they are literally crying during sex. The first thing you see in the comments of videos like that, “now that was lit🔥” “busted a couple off this” “where that top at, I need him”… that shit is a turn on. Why is that an issue cause somebody gets peed on that’s an Adult. He not R. Kelly pissing on underage girls. Its grown men pissing on grown men. Women can’t be pissed on and like it? Everybody knows Megan doesn’t hold her tongue so if Trey Songz went overboard and she didn’t say anything, why is he on trial for that. Let it go. He got proof he blocked her and left her alone and she continued to try to get the dick even to suck it. Why we faulting him again?

  3. Let me say this. Before this, nobody talked about Trey Songz, knew where he was or what he was doing. Now one allegation and he is trending and people ready to turn on him. For what? If he has a receipt that he blocked her and she kept coming at him, we have to blame him for having anything to do with her. Reverse the roles. If a female has proof she blocked somebody for trying to come at her and he keeps trying to have sex, we call that rape right if he follows thru without her consent. So she went along and got him to unblock her to say he is aggressive yet she is literally begging for the dick even to suck it, but he is the aggressive one; that’s a setup. Immediately after you smashed him, he immediately took advantage of you and you refused; bullshit. When it comes to rape, yes you do have to go against your own rules and defend yourself. Rape holds a lot of weight than somebody saying you gay. If he blocked her and she kept coming at him for sex and said you need to unblock me so they can fuck, is that not a setup?

  4. I think he became this person based on the gay rumors, and it just got out of control to the point that it’s become him.

  5. He’s just being lynched for his song “How many times”

    Ignore white media and their usual bullshit.

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