daddy issues? (pose the question)

so i’ve put “oitnb” and “dear white people” on pause for this week.
i had other shows to catch up on.
you know it’s bad when i have to pause a show to watch others.
i heard everyone talking and fonting about the last episode of “pose“.
episode 8.
season 2.
i finally watched it and…

*light spoilers*


pray tell and ricky?


not for nothing,
the scene was kinda sexy to me.
when ricky said:

“i think i want you to have some of me too…”

that’s how i imagine how most attentionistos end up flip floppin’.

everyone seems angry they hooked up,
but i’m actually here for it.
as in most “passionate” hooks ups,
vulnerability brought them both together.
it also brings about conversation young and older gay hook ups.
as we discussed before,
age is often blurred within the life.
younger gays often hook up with older ones because they want a “daddy“.
don’t get me wrong,
some older gays pay good money for young pipe.
if he’s a triple threat of young,
and “straight“,
the older gay might pay the whole bills for the dick.
others crave the affection they lacked growing up from a father figure.
believe it or not,
some males have daddy/mommy/both issues and don’t even realize it.
gays can be the most damaged too.

the writing and acting on “pose” has been pretty solid this season.
billy porter (pray tell) is acting his ass off.
they are clearly pushing for him to get an emmy this year.
it’s pretty obvious,
but i hope he wins it.
he deserves all the awards.

lowkey: that all out fight at the dinner table tho?

best dramatic scene ive seen in a while.
it made my cancer ass cry.

8 thoughts on “daddy issues? (pose the question)

  1. Dyllon is….whew. He takes my breath away.

    That said: Ricky/Pray Tell was inappropriate. Mentors don’t fuck mentees. Period. Boundaries, people.

    1. As on this show things can get messy. So times you need what you need. Long as everybody grown😌😌😌

  2. While I think this is a great show. I can’t understand how it got an Emmy nom. It’s so campy at times. Along the lines of Empire.

    Almost reminds me of Noah’s Arc.

    1. Epic, and i love Electra’s diva persona aka “Naomi”. My only issue with show they could at least add some 80’s, or 90s hair style and vintage accessories like the asymmetric glasses,. “Yall 80s, and 90s babys know what im talking about

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