i always wanted to see odell beckjam jr in his underwear

so we’ve all seen odell beckham jr naked already.
see: ’15 espn body issue.
he has the type of bawdy that looks amazing with drawz on.
you know the type of bawdies i’m talmbout.
well we are all in luck!
calvin klein realized the same and booked odell for their #mycalvins shoot.
this is what he posted on his ig

here is the full commercial where you can see minor tail shots:



he makes me so horny.
is that wrong to font?
i wish he would have taken the picture after he cut his hair.
to me,
he looks much sexier without the ramen on his head.

i don’t know how his alleged sexuality got called in question with the photo,
but they flooded his timeline on a whole witch hunt for whatever reason.
he ended up having to address it in the comments:

it’s really disrespectful and mean at this point.

Why are folks so fascinated if someone is gay?

they’ll only push for someone to come out,
only to shun them after they do.
it’s a trap.
i don’t see what harassing him over his sexuality will do.
that’s what keeps folks in the closet.
i think everyone needs to leave him and sexuality alone.
i’ve accepted and appreciated “odell being odell“.
you should too.
like many other straight or “straight” wolves,
i think he’s sexy and is a fantasy for the moment.
the buck pretty much stops there.

pictures cc: calvin klein | shot by: studio jackson

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “i always wanted to see odell beckjam jr in his underwear”

  1. I love me some OBJ. His personality and confidence is very attractive. I don’t think he needed to reply to the gay rumors tho. People will always talk

  2. i see why celebs have depression and all type of other issues. you eat a certain you get judged, like damn. instead of focusing on his sexuality how about we appreciate his confidence and encourage that in others. i bet you if he was to come out, the first thing ppl would say is “I knew he was a f*g!” smh.

  3. If I was him, I would keep people from commenting on my pictures. Its not like the comments are what advertisers want, its the “likes” or “views” thats important. I mean, if he really dont care and think its entertaining, than so be it, but I would just turn my comments off for all of my pics, lol

    1. You’ve obviously never looked beyond the belt because he certainly has enough I’d bet my last that it’s good to the bone

    2. Watch him in his uniform and you’ll see a significant d*ck print. Google it and you’ll find pics. He’s a stallion in his stable, not a sea horse, but even if he wasn’t packing, he’s still phyne. In my opinion.

  4. I get so annoyed with this guy. If you know it ain’t true then why even entertain it to begin with. I had a coworker flip out one day because people called him gay. My response was if you know it ain’t true then ignore it and go on about your business. In all honesty, I think he’s gay too lol

    1. I honestly feel like he entertaining it only because it keeps people talking, lol. I think he enjoys the attention personally and just like Lil Nas X, he loves to troll to get reactions out of people. I dunno if he gay or not (I could see him being bisexual) but if he is gay, he must be real careful about the men he sleep with n who they know. Rumors of his sexuality have been going on for ages and typically, sum1 or a ex from back in the day (looking for a come up) would have ratted him out by now either to TMZ or a tabloid with pics, a sextape, text messages, anything. The people around him must be real loyal. Other athletes dont have it as easy unfortunately

    2. If he ignores it, then he’s gay. If he addresses it, then he’s gay. It’s a no win situation. At the end of the day who the fuck cares if he’s gay or not? He’s not fucking YOU, so people need to go on about THEIR business

      1. see I agree with this. he can’t win anyway so why does he keep addressing it? like Drake and many other get called gay and none of them are ever mentioning it

  5. Soooo I’ve been having my own issues with social media and struggling with my own identity in a sense. And one of the things I learned on my research crusade about how the media effects us is how most often the things we post and appear confident about is really what we are most insecure about.

    Also as a man who is comfortable in his sexuality I feel like he’d have admitted that sure he’s thought about it but ultimately decided he is def bot gay. Science proves no one man or woman is one-hundred percent straight or gay and that if we were we literally would not be able to be around theses we are NOT sexually attracted too and this would even include siblings and parents.

  6. also one of my favorite quotes in the world is “people usually strike out at what TRULY represents them.”

    so even though he isn’t displaying homophobic behaviour his denouncing of it in such a way on many platforms is what makes it suspect to me. And not to mention him being the freebies that he is and as comedic as he is tells me his past was shaky in a way we will probably never know

  7. Too much smoke!!! Every time I see a post bout him there is always something about him being gay. I hate how people lock you into one thing when you can be bi curious or bi sexual or hell fuck a title and just be sexually fluid. I’m sure the truth will emerge soon.

  8. He’s a beauty with brains and a body, he does his own thing, and he refuses to buckle down to homophobic BS regularly thrown at him. He gets mega props from me.

  9. “Why are folks so fascinated if someone is gay?”

    1. People have serious hangups about sexuality.
    2. You make people curious by default when you hide or want to remain “mysterious” about yourself
    3. Right now, it’s cool and “in” to be gay since those battles a few years ago, people want to know…

  10. OBJ is on point. He is a great football player with skills. I love him as player and a work of BLACK ART!!❤🖤❤🖤🔥🔥🔥

  11. Ppl are obsessed w/ sexuality because of society. OBJ is cute & all, but he’s not someone I’d go crazy over. He seems to have a great personality & is a talented player, so I see why ppl are drawn to him. I don’t think he’s gay or straight, but rather bi (ppl forget at that). But he’d be a fool to come out, given what happened to Michael Sam. And look at how ppl treated Dwight Howard after his “gay lover” came up w/ accusations about him. Plus his “butt injury” & old clips of him “fondling” other NBA players made everything worse for him.

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