to my special one.

in 2002-03ish,
after wandering in the city all day,
a friend “who i don’t know anymore” suggested we go to toys r us that was in time square.
she wanted to meet up with a girl who worked there that she met online.
i didn’t want the day to end so i was down.
when i first saw the girl we were meeting,
i said to myself:

she looks really stressed out and over it.
SEE this is why I don’t do retail.”


“I really dig this girl’s energy,
but we will probably never see each other again.”

The Universe made sure that wouldn’t happen.
a year or two later,
we reconnected on the blogging platform,
she hopped in my comments and i did the same in hers.
we would write entries about our frustrations and loneliness.
the folks who broke our hearts; the ones who got away.
the main theme for us was trying to find that perfect love.
toys r us and that friend “who i don’t know anymore” both brought us stress,
and ironically don’t exist any longer either,
but they were the starting point in planting the seed for this friendship to grow.
when i look back at the first time we met until now,
i ask myself:

Who knew from that moment we met that our “us” would become this?

i get to write another story on my own platform about us.
last sunday in brooklyn,
she got married to your soulmate…

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9 to 5, the 5 to 9, and everything in between feat. non-corporate girls

i’ve known my bff,
since 2002.

we actually met through someone else and became tight.
i watched pose go from working at the “toys r us” in times square to a multifaceted business vixen.
i’m so proud of her and it was a no brainer she would make an appearance on my podcast.
 last weekend,
she was joined with her other half,
rich auntie” from their own podcast,
non-corporate girls“.
we had a discussion about working a 9 to 5,
juggling a 5 to 9,
and everything in-between

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daddy issues? (pose the question)

so i’ve put “oitnb” and “dear white people” on pause for this week.
i had other shows to catch up on.
you know it’s bad when i have to pause a show to watch others.
i heard everyone talking and fonting about the last episode of “pose“.
episode 8.
season 2.
i finally watched it and…

*light spoilers*

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you’re (not) going down

i went to a cookout with pose and her squad.
pose has been trying to get this fox down to bk for a hot minute.
i’ve been feeling pretty good lately,
and in wanting to do more this summer,
so i made my way down there.
i had an amazing time,
even tho ima need mike woods of “fox 5” to get his weather forecast in order.

during my time with them,
an interesting convo perked my ears up.
one of the vixens was interested in messing with a stud.
her only stipulation:

“If Ima mess with a female,
I don’t want to go down on her.
Do I have to?”

“You don’t have to go down on her.
She’s a pleaser…”

that right there,
i found very interesting

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so beyonce is pushing homophobia?

speaking of,
i’m due to listen to “lemonade” soon.
i like to give queen b’s music a break so i can miss her.

i don’t take it as seriously as some,
but i hate when i’m chatting with a straight wolf and it’s:

“PAUSE this; PAUSE that.”

we get it,
you’re straight and say questionable shit.
i wasn’t judging before.
i will going forward.
the straights who know i get down get checked asap for it.
well a trans-vixen from “pose” on fx,
angelica ross,
called out beyonce for her using the word,

“I don’t give a fuck,
chucking my deuces up

Suck on my balls,
I had enough…
– “sorry“, lemonade

these are her tweets
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grab depression by the balls and get on top

there is no cure for depression.
none whatsoever.
you can take as much meds as you want,
it will never truly go away.
you can learn to keep it under control tho.
that’s what i’ve been working on as of late.
i was talking to pose this morning and had an interesting breakthrough.
so i sent her this article in the “huffington post”

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