9 to 5, the 5 to 9, and everything in between feat. non-corporate girls

i’ve known my bff,
since 2002.

we actually met through someone else and became tight.
i watched pose go from working at the “toys r us” in times square to a multifaceted business vixen.
i’m so proud of her and it was a no brainer she would make an appearance on my podcast.
 last weekend,
she was joined with her other half,
rich auntie” from their own podcast,
non-corporate girls“.
we had a discussion about working a 9 to 5,
juggling a 5 to 9,
and everything in-between

this was such a fun and informative discussion.
i was nervous because i look up to her so much and didn’t wanna come off like a dork.
all the foxholers who are creatives and entrepreneurs def need to listen!
pose and rich auntie def had a ton of wisdom to share.
please check out the podcast this week and follow non-corporate girls at:


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thank you!

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