lori harvey has folks feeling a tad bit insecure out here

lori harvey is a beautiful and young socialite.
she is the daughter of majorie harvey and the stepdaughter of steve harvey.
she is either admired or hated on.
isn’t that the norm for the bold and the beautiful?
what makes her a “thing” is her dating life.
she has been with a couple of major players in the black entertainment industry.

Trey Songz

this weekend,
she debuted the latest in her collection


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every vixen is asking her to write a book on how she meets these wolves.
for me…

I’m not as impressed as everyone else.

it’s a grainy ass picture of them looking at each other.
she put up pics with future and trey songz too.
tremaine is the only one she looked like she had chemistry with.
i’ve told ya’ll it’s not hard to scoop expensive dick when you run in the right circles.
lori has the access to meet baller,
and rapping wolves.
she is an “it” girl so being with her adds clout and a good flex.
my thing is…

None of these relationships seem to last

so yeah,
she’s meeting them,
but none of them go past 3-5 months.

Are folks supposed to be questioning their lives?

i’m confused.
if she was getting engagement rings out of these wolves and turning them down,
i’d be like her pussy must taste like pina colada.
besides dating random males and taking selfies,
what else is she doing?
talk to me when she has been dating him for a year,
had a few breakups/get back togethers,
they move in together,

and she gets a ring.
other than that,
this is the dating life of a pretty 20 sumin’.

people are fascinated and get insecure over the dumbest shit.

lowkey: this is probably gonna be mean but the un-attractive vixens are fascinated.
this is a regular situation for a bad bitch.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “lori harvey has folks feeling a tad bit insecure out here”

  1. she needs to be careful, you only get to be the new fresh thing once. her moves have her looking like a pass around, and eventually people will get tired and move on to the new hot thing. the clock is ticking, she better start making some smart moves or she will end up like blac China.

  2. Do y’all think she’s screwing all these guys? Maybe she’s not giving it up,that’s why her relationships aren’t lasting. She’s pretty and her step dad is rich, but what else does she have going on.

    1. ^they’d probably keep her since she is pretty and isn’t giving up the pussy so quickly.
      a virginal vixen looking like lori harvey will make someone try to be her first,
      if that makes sense.

      1. I don’t see future or trey dealing with her if she isn’t putting out. she is gorgeous, but instagram has taught us that being gorgeous isn’t rare. there are thousands of girls that look like her, so why entertain her if she isn’t giving f them what so many others will. future has a trail of baby mommas to prove if sex isn’t involved he isn’t interested.

        1. She pretty and Comes from a rich family she has a daddy,rich at that and known, these things helps in a dating life,men would take you seriously. And she has a branding ,she plays the mysterious it girl that adds more to her IT girl persona. Now she needs to last with this one cause he’s considered like her good and best catch so far, otherwise it will backfire on her ass she gotta be smart now. Lori entered the Hollywood circle now the next she dating would be Leonardo DiCaprio Loool he likes them young anyway

          1. I agree with you! I think if she traps his ass she is set for life. She will be at the Oscars, all of the important places.
            I doubt she is actually in love with him cuz I can’t imagine anyone being with Trey Songz and future then to MBJ.

            Come on now we know Ciara isn’t in love with Russell but she knows that was a mind over body decision she had to make for the sake of her son.

            But it doesn’t matter I doubt her mom loves Steve Harvey! 😁😁😁

          2. This!!! Your family connections HELP A LOT when it comes to dating. Why do people think Kim Kardashian got married 3 times LOL. Money and family connections will help people take you more seriously when it comes to dating. Looks can only take you so far.

            I also agree with the myserteous it girl persona. People like a mystery, it makes you more intriguing. If everybody knows all of your tea then you become boring, like these OnlyFans gays lol

  3. Jumping from wolf to wolf seems like fun and games now but when she’s done being a hot girl and wants to settle down, no wolf in their right mind will actually want to marry her, which is why Kim Kardashian had to settle for Kanye crazy ass. 😂😂😂

    1. Are you serious love?
      Kim never needed Kanye she could have and can have any man she was then and now.
      Just from her brand alone being with her can make you a star. Niggaz will line up to be with her don’t get it twisted she’s the baddest chick in the game.
      That’s why she’s divorcing Kanye. She wanted a family (basically kids) had that and now she’s like this crazy man messing up my brand time to drop him.
      I’m sure she loved him but she shouldn’t do it anymore.

  4. Um does he have another movie coming out or something to promote? How quick he forget his problematic mouth and statements…He’s quick to appear with a black woman when a movie or project is being announced…

      1. I remember he did that 100 questions or whatever with Elle or Vogue around the same time either Creed or Black Panther came out where he said one of the misconceptions about him is that he doesn’t date black women…after saying we seem to not exist where he was on vacation…

        1. Exactly its all PR (which gays can relate to since they date for IG likes and photo shoots)
          Cleaning up gay and coon rumors
          Only women who get no play and gays who live vicariously care about this shit deeply.
          Rihanna , Ciara, Nicki and many others date well off guys that’s the circle they run in

          She’s pretty but her old nose looked better she looks kind of Dull and soulless to me 🤷🏾‍♂️

          1. Remember when Nicki “dated” Nas and Louis Hamilton? Very attractive couples but that’s not who she REALLY wanted

          2. Are we sure Nicki didn’t want them or THEY didn’t want her?? They probably fucked and then didn’t want to settle. They are men with careers of their own and not used to fucking very successful women. Nicki was probably like a nice ride for them until they got bored and she probably wanted to get serious.

            It reminds me of Trina, I remember she said that most men get with her because they view her as a fantasy rather than an actual real-life girlfriend. And then once the fantasy wears off they get bored. I think most female rappers have this problem due to their oversexualised image. If you notice, most female rappers end up being single baby mamas. What decent man is going to take a woman seriously rapping about fucking men and her pussy all the time? I don’t like misogyny but many men don’t take female rappers seriously as partners because of their public image. Look at Cardi, she had to settle for Offset who she threatened to divorce twice because of his philandering ways. She will file again in the next 5 years believe.

            Nicki Minaj seems boisterous and likes to control her men. The men she’s been with longest are men who she could somewhat control. Safaree was her hypeman and she earned more than him. Kenneth Petty is an unemployed CONVICT (lol), like we definitely knows who carries the purse strings in that relationship. Shit Nicki probably bought their engagement rings too and all of his tacky Versace outfits. In every pic they take he looks like he was forced to take the pic.

            Nicki Minaj looks like she settled because she passed her peak as an artist, she was pushing 40 and her biological clock was ticking. She wanted the nuclear family and picket fence dream that many American women are sold so she just found her old flame who happened to be a bum with a record longer than her discography and have a baby with him. She was probably getting pressured by her mother also, people with immigrant parents (mine included) know how our parents/families seem to stress over marriage and babies.

            And I like Nicki Minaj btw, I grew up on her and she’s my fav female rapper. However I’m just calling it like I see it on her relationship. If she’s happy with Ken then thats all that matters. They have a beautiful boy together.

  5. We like Lori & Michael together. I like how Lori movin Right now. Michael is Real relaxed and I think he’s good for her cause all of her past relationships were with fast paced niggas. Lol

  6. I always wondered if Steve ever get annoyed seeing a new guy coming over to the house every year? He was really strict on his kids back in the day

  7. Idk why anyone believes this. They are obviously trying to make her ‘happen’ because she’s pretty and rich, but most likely not talented. Black Kardashian. Her entire ‘dating life’ is ALL PR. Give it two more popular guys she’s ‘dating’, and once Hollywood is vaccinated and up and running again, she’ll be ‘an actress’ and starring in some Steve Harvey produced project.

      1. I REALLY wish she did possess a talent, so that there’d be a reason for the attenion that she gets. But I guess…

    1. They even had an article calling them the new “Power Couple”. I’m like bitch how?! Does she even work?! I miss the old days when you had to work to gain a name for yourself, when celebrities were the image they crafted in magazines and didn’t speak and now we have morphed into this just be pretty and gain influencers. Shit is sideways.

  8. It just feels “off” to me. But so did Janet and Jermaine IN THE BEGINNING. So we’ll see, but I ain’t holding my breath LOL….

  9. Didn’t Drake and Trey have kids by pornstars? Isn’t Future working on a future Real Baby Mamas of America show? What made these “men” a catch?

  10. Yall in this grown woman pu$$y deeper than these niggas. And not you fonting about Lori like you ain’t lusting over Trey and MJB constantly on your own platform. It’s giving envy.

  11. She was engaged with that ducth football player at some point and that was serious but dont know the reason why they’ve split

  12. I think she got a smart momma!
    Even more calculated than Kris Jenner.
    I think she is definitely the mastermind behind her daughter’s moves cuz she is one of the OGs of how to use your goods to trap a nigga.

    Lori is the standard for beauty in the black community. She is light skinned, has soft hair and all that jazz. But I do agree that the fact that she comes from a rich family and probably makes them rappers wait a little has them sprung. That unattainable factor u feel me?

    Now I don’t believe in this relationship with MBJ I’m sorry. I think Lori could also be the new IT beard in the game.
    I think she could be in arrangements with some of these people. I mean sorry I just don’t buy it! But anyway I like her; she’s a “bad bitch” she’s young and shit if I was in her shoes I’d fuck’em all lol

  13. Sorry but none of these men are a catch.

    Have you seen her ex fiancé Memphis Depay? (Dutch Soccer Player).

    They were IN LOVE for real, they were engaged and were together for about 2-3 years. Oh and he’s fine too. She seemed more homely when she was with him. Now it’s almost like she is just trying to be a City Girl lol

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