the “sex” in “sex and the city” won’t be in the reboot

sex and the city” was a cultural phenomenon.
vixens and gay males loved tf outta that show.
that show had white vixens from wisconsin moving to new yawk,
living in shoeboxes,
just to wear labels and fuck randoms they met in clubs.
i feel like that’s where all the gentrification came from too.
even some black vixens moved here to live their “sex and the city” experience.
the show inspired me to font about my love and sex life like carrie bradshaw in her iconic columns.

“I had to wonder…”

at the time,
there wasn’t a show where it showed new yawk in the light in which it did.
it showed this city in a glamourous way,
all while highlighting the drama of sex and trying to find a “mr. big” in this big city.
when i watch now,
carrie and mr. big was toxic af.
samantha jones,
who was my favorite,
is the “sex” in “sex and the city”.
 sarah jessica parker,
who played the iconic character of “carrie bradshaw”,
surprised us with the trailer for the reboot on “hbo max” but…

…and “just like that“,
i knew was a dub.

Samantha Jones will NOT be in this reboot


kim cattrall,
who plays “samantha jones“,
doesn’t fuck with sjp and is done playing that character.


samantha is the fan-favorite of that show.
she was sexually confident and used men like accessories.

her missing from the show is like a “living single” reboot without regine hunter.
not only that…

Why didn’t they just reboot the show,
brand new storylines,
with millennial vixens?

telling the stories of today” rather than older vixens whose storylines have been completed?

what are we gonna be talking about?
they are all married and each movie showed their various issues within their marriages.
sjp could have cast new gals and let the original cast be secondary characters.
she needs to be like madonna and retire that character.
let younger vixens,
especially ones of color,
lead the movement.
i’m sure i’ll tune in,
but i’m not excited about it.

lowkey: they need a black “sex and the city”,
but i feel that’s “insecure”.
a gay one would be amazing tbh.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “the “sex” in “sex and the city” won’t be in the reboot”

  1. I never drummed up enough interest to watch this show. I remember reading years ago that Girlfriends was kind of seen as the black version of SATC. Noah’s Arc was seen as a gay version to Girlfriends too.
    I felt Lynn and Ricky were the Samanthas of their respective shows.

  2. None of these chicks would be here today without Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia. Bow Down to the originals….LOL

  3. The show was really great, especially for its time. One thing I appreciated about the show was how honest it was with women about their own shit, and how everything isn’t all just men’s fault. Girlfriends had this honestly as well. But these modern shows that feature black women are too one sided to be enjoyable.

  4. Sex and The City was a great show at the time it came out. It was a show that was in vogue because they was never a show on that level about single women in NY. I loved the show . I would tune in every week to watch the show. The show tuned SJP into a fashion icon. But after the 2nd film, the hunger for more Sex and The City wasn’t as thriving from the fans as it was since 1996. I do believe when they had the concept of doing the 3rd film on some level Kim Cattrall didn’t want to do a third film .. She did an interview and she asked “Are we still relevant”? The thing is Kim is 64 years old. Sometimes when you do a role and do it well, you don’t wanna be type casted and you wanna grow and do other things. She does allot of theatre over seas.

    The creator of the Sex and the City brand Candance Brushnell, had created a new show for for HBO called “Still Sex and The City” . It was going to be about women in their 50’s and 60’s looking for love in NYC. It was originally green lit by HBO. I honestly believe they decided to go this route to bring the show back because they are not doing the movie. Now the only way to address Samantha’s absent is to state that her cancer came back. Remember she had breast cancer. I am torn about supporting this new show though. In 2021 in this climate where representation of everyone needs to be shown on TV, will Sex and The City incorporate new diversity to this new show? Will they have pansexual, trans people of color?, gay men of color (Not as accessories like the previous gay men on the show). I honestly feel they found out that the 2008 film did soo well , they rushed into doing a sequel. That movie didn’t do as well so why do a 3rd film? Sometimes a revival of a show is exciting but you cannot incorporate 1996 ideas in 2021. The world is different. Hopefully the new revival/continuation of the show will good but we will see when it comes out.

  5. The reason this show flies is the belief that there is a moneyed demo that will pay to watch because of their “core” fan base. I’d like to see perhaps a transition to a new quartet that we can fall in love with, but there might be something there for me as I am in their age group. I got used to (and now appreciate) EnVogue, so…

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