will you actually catch the rona when you follow the rules?

are the ones who follow the rona rules really the ones at risk?
i had to ask myself that this weekend.
during the filming of another podcast on “ijf: the podcast“,
cousin hybrid came on and wasn’t too happy when he entered.
you could hear in his voice that he was in a mood.
i know him pretty well.
i know when those in my life aren’t in the best of moods by their energy.
when we asked him what was wrong,
he told us that his building in london had a rona spike scare.
they made them all take the test because it was spreading through the building.
his test results came back…


i felt instantly sick to my stomach.
he told me that he has been following social distancing rules.
he has literally been in his apartment besides picking up groceries.

How did he contract it?

the crazy part is his boyfriend came back negative.
so many people i know are here,
and everywhere.
they have been on trains,
and automobiles.
hoping from country to country and fuckin’ randoms during this panorama.


…yet he follows all the rona rules and he catches it?

are those who are really cautious are really the ones at risk?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “will you actually catch the rona when you follow the rules?”

  1. The precautions are to MINIMIZE your chances of catching it. They don’t completely eliminate your risk. As long as you are exposed to someone who has it, you are at risk of catching it. But, if you take all the precautions, that risk is dramatically reduced. Like even if it’s a 1/1000 chance (idk what the chances actually are) somebody’s gonna be that one. But if people don’t follow the guidelines then it becomes like 1/20. I am sorry that your cousin got it. Hopefully he makes a quick & full recovery.

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