if yo man has bunz like these, there is no reason they shouldn’t be grabbed (mazi amadi)

I’m laying on the bed,
reading an article on my iPad.
Sir comes in and sees me.
The look in his eyes burn intensely with pure desire.
He climbs on the bed,
pulls the iPad out of my hand,
and parts my legs open to lay in between them.
His lips part on my warm neck.
I’m fully aroused as I feel that he is.
I want some.

I run my hands slowly down his back and…

if my “sir” has bunz,
you know my handprints will have a permanent imprint.
marvin bienaime has an eye for wolves with nice bawdies and big bunz.
who is 1/2 of the amadi bros ( x see that entry here )…


…comes with biceps (another one of my body part favs) and the bunz of steel.
i think he has the biggest bunz of all of marvin’s clients…

did you see when the left cheek contracted?
don’t get me started on his back.

i bet the vixens he smashes can’t keep their hands off his ass.

if i was a vixen,
those cheeks would be deflated.
they don’t look too hard like other muscular cheeks.
they seem just right.
stay tuned to marvin’s ig for exclusive bts of mazi’s shoot.
i do have a question for the foxhole,
do you prefer

Muscular cheeks or softer cheeks?

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video cc: marvin bienaime

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “if yo man has bunz like these, there is no reason they shouldn’t be grabbed (mazi amadi)”

  1. Wow!!! Now THIS!!!!!!!! is a beautiful ass. I like em firm ,or soft as long as he is black( Blue Black ,Brown , Tan, Light ) makes no difference ( ha ha ha )

  2. This is why i`m gay, no doubt.

    Question tho : why foxes love buns so much ? I don’t get it, because that’s probably the first thing i look on a man, his butt. Yet i’m a total bottom, i don’t even want you to play with my dick lmao

    I like them big, small, soft, firm, tight, bouncy, jiggly, any shade of black, white, yellow or whatever.. i don’t care as long as i can grab it.

    PS : happy new year jamari, may your hopes be fulfilled an your expectations exceeded

  3. I Actually went too High School 2000 2001 Houston Texas with him and his Brothers. THEY BEEN FINE!l lol ok im good now Yes indeed!

      1. There actually very nice guys. Of Course they were Popular…The Cakes Come from Football and Track! Lol. You know with all the Finest and Greatness comes rumors 👀 haha. But there content speaks for itself. Someone back there working them cheeks lol!

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