is God gonna allow all these homophobes up in heaven? (do i really wanna go?)

for the life of me,
i don’t know why christians think they can be so hateful while on earth.
their main thing is to get to heaven,
but imagine all these hateful folks from earth parlaying up there?
do i really want to be part of that scene?
sounds really trailer-ish.
a foxholer sent me a video of another priest going ham on gays during a sermon

he might need to take the stick out his ass and put a dick in that booty pronto.
am i right?
he is so angry and for what?
these are the types who get exposed for having a young twink in the stash.
even if he is 100% straight,
there is some trauma underneath the surface that he needs to heal.
i thought that was the point of going to church?
this one is using it to rant about his insecurities.
how sad.

video cc: fly height

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “is God gonna allow all these homophobes up in heaven? (do i really wanna go?)”

  1. preachers and followers fail to realize that it is GOD who judges us in our final days – our deeds and actions. I don’t get why they think they become GOD only because they believe in one way of viewing him/her.

    1. Yup. All that hate in their hearts swallowing them up and they don’t even see it. But God don’t like ugly, hate or wickedness, and you can’t tell them that the hate in their heart is wicked. Loving to judge others and hide their own affairs. As far as I’m concerned, there’s lots of scripture, maybe even more, that condemns their behavior just as much.

      I’ve seen those who are welcoming and accepting and those who are resentful and sit in judgement. And we all know which one’s are the loudest. I think it really comes down to that those who are accepting don’t advocate strongly like those who are condemning. And that turns a lot of people away.

  2. Nobody’s going to heaven. There is no quid pro quo. When your heart stops and you’re buried, that is the end.

    1. No. I lived in a haunted house growing up. There is definitely life after death. We just don’t know if it’s the Christian heaven. It could be the Hindu version of heaven.

  3. My problem is the hypocrisy. He should be condemning fornication/having sex before marriage just as much as homosexuality but we know he and others who think like him, don’t and won’t.

    I can’t put it into words but it’s almost like they need us to keep them going. Gays existing gives them a boogeyman to say look they’ll always be worse than me, so as long as I’m not doing what those freaks are doing I’m perfect in God’s book. There’s some kind of mental illness there as well because anyone with a functioning brain would realize if humans are able to be morally gray complex beings than so is God. If he allows murderers to be forgiven and let into heaven, why do they think he wouldn’t allow homosexuals?

    I also find men who are homophobes tend to think about homosexual sex way too much. Like more than us actual homos do. They sit and ponder a man’s penis going into another man’s ass and don’t understand how anybody would be into that. We know the reason why is simple. It’s just what gets our juices flowing. The same way chubby chasers only get hard for fat chicks. We don’t just up and decide to fuck men because we’re bored with pussy.

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