we gotta start monitoring kids because they’re putting lesbians in the rugrats now

as a kid,
i watched cartoons to basically watch cartoons.
cartoon characters didn’t have sexuality to me.
they just did goofy shit that entertained me.
it was really above the surface for me unless it was part of the plot.
i’ll be the first to raise my hand and say i never assumed betty deville,
who is phil and lil’s mom on “rugrats“,
was gay.
i thought she was just an aggressive woman.

sidebar: angelica is the original hbic.
when susie came into town thooooo…

in the new rugrats reboot,
betty is gonna be a lesbian.
now that i look at her with grown eyes,
it makes sense.
what’s gonna happen to her hubby,

oh scandal,
she left him for a vixen?

some people are having a fit with the news.
i was sent this screenshot of what someone fonted on fb(?)…

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the “sex” in “sex and the city” won’t be in the reboot

sex and the city” was a cultural phenomenon.
vixens and gay males loved tf outta that show.
that show had white vixens from wisconsin moving to new yawk,
living in shoeboxes,
just to wear labels and fuck randoms they met in clubs.
i feel like that’s where all the gentrification came from too.
even some black vixens moved here to live their “sex and the city” experience.
the show inspired me to font about my love and sex life like carrie bradshaw in her iconic columns.

“I had to wonder…”

at the time,
there wasn’t a show where it showed new yawk in the light in which it did.
it showed this city in a glamourous way,
all while highlighting the drama of sex and trying to find a “mr. big” in this big city.
when i watch now,
carrie and mr. big was toxic af.
samantha jones,
who was my favorite,
is the “sex” in “sex and the city”.
 sarah jessica parker,
who played the iconic character of “carrie bradshaw”,
surprised us with the trailer for the reboot on “hbo max” but…

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