we gotta start monitoring kids because they’re putting lesbians in the rugrats now

as a kid,
i watched cartoons to basically watch cartoons.
cartoon characters didn’t have sexuality to me.
they just did goofy shit that entertained me.
it was really above the surface for me unless it was part of the plot.
i’ll be the first to raise my hand and say i never assumed betty deville,
who is phil and lil’s mom on “rugrats“,
was gay.
i thought she was just an aggressive woman.

sidebar: angelica is the original hbic.
when susie came into town thooooo…

in the new rugrats reboot,
betty is gonna be a lesbian.
now that i look at her with grown eyes,
it makes sense.
what’s gonna happen to her hubby,

oh scandal,
she left him for a vixen?

some people are having a fit with the news.
i was sent this screenshot of what someone fonted on fb(?)…

aren’t we past this type of shit?
it’s 2021.

this the shit that annoys me with people tho.

So it was okay to ASSUME she was gay,
but it’s not okay to get confirmed about it?

it reminds me of people who stop speaking to someone because they came out to them.
they felt comfortable sharing that side with that person and this is how they get repaid.
they hung tough with them,
but until the person confirmed it,
it became an issue and the friendship ended.
some black families LOVE to assume a family member is gay,
but they feel more comfortable when it’s kept a secret.
same with drug addicts in the family or those who suffer from mental illness.
it’s okay to make up excuses rather than face the truth.

Typical dysfunctional black family bullshit.

it was the part about monitoring kids for me tho.
do these folks realize in real life that there are legit gays raising children?
in two-parent households,
might i add.
not the single baby mama/daddy/random brothers & sisters dynamic that many are used to.

it’s not like the cartoon character is gonna be eating pussy on screen.
i’m sure there were no “monitoring kids” when they were twerking to “body” by megan the stallion.
that was okay tho because it made for great tiktok dances.
 some of these offended parents can do this:

Put their kids on the magic school bus and ship them off to the land of Talamazoo.
There is no tv,
social media,
or human life there so they can monitor them in the dark.

lowkey: maybe…
just maybe…

we should start monitoring kids from the fucked up family dynamics these raggamufins keep putting them in,
but okay

5 thoughts on “we gotta start monitoring kids because they’re putting lesbians in the rugrats now

  1. I think people fail to realize that times have evolved so far from when XYZ was growing up. Watching the Rugrats and Nickelodeon, sexually and all these different things werent a focus, you just wanted to be out here as a kid at 6-10 years old.

    Now children that young grow up in these different households and are in a time when people can openly express themselves, children transitioning in elementary school, etc etc and people don’t want shit to change. We should be reflecting modern times. I rather a series all based on Suzies family, let me get that outrage started lol.

    They even want to start teaching children about sexuality and masturbation in 1st grade:


    Times are different and people need to get over it. Or childhood is over with, who cares what they do now

  2. HIM from PowerPuff Girls didn’t turn me homo and Miss Bellum didn’t turn me straight.

    Next topic.

  3. So they made Phil and Lil mama a lesbian. What happened to the daddy?

  4. For years people used to say Bert and Ernie were gay. The Simpsons had a gay couple. For the life of me, I don’t know what Ren and Stimpy was but something wasn’t right. That episode where ren uses a saw to saw a piece of wood on stimpy booty, that is still hilarious but its innocent to kids. Now when they get in the litter box and those sounds, yeah those adults knew what they were doing. I’m still trying to figure out Spongebob and Patrick.

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