did the hatred from homophobia end up killing lauren leslie?

so pretty.
we rarely speak about issues that lesbians face within the community.

society will have you believe they are accepted,
but they can face the same kind of homophobia that gay males can.
lauren leslie,
may have been killed by her girlfriend’s stepfather due to homophobia.
he ended up killing the girlfriend’s mother and himself via “people“…

A Connecticut man fatally shot his wife and an 18-year-old women who was dating his stepdaughter in a double murder-suicide — and the teen’s brothers believe the attack was motivated by homophobia.

Early Friday morning, authorities responded to reports of multiple people shot at a Windsor Locks home, police announced at a news conference. Neighbors had heard “yelling and screaming” followed by a popping sound coming from the residence, Lt. Paul Cherniack said Friday.

Upon arrival, officers found three people dead at the scene, a fourth person suffering from a gunshot wound and a fifth person uninjured.

On Saturday, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner identified the deceased as David and Delores Wisdom and 18-year-old Lauren Leslie, the New Haven Register reports. David, the husband of Delores, is believed to have fatally shot Delores and Leslie before turning the gun on himself.

While authorities have not revealed a motive for the killing, Leslie’s brothers say they believe homophobia played a part. Leslie’s two older brothers told the Journal Inquirer of Connecticut that their sister had mentioned to them that David was uncomfortable with her relationship with his stepdaughter. The brothers said their sister wouldn’t spend much time at her girlfriend’s family’s home.

It’s very difficult for me to know that now, her being her true self and living in her reality, this is the result of that,” Jhavier Leslie told the Inquirer. “This is a part of a greater issue in our society, especially Black communities. It’s very difficult for us. We don’t have many safe spaces even with our family. … I don’t want my sister’s death to be in vain, I hope change does happen with homophobia and the dangers around that, and also mental health, and gun control.”

Police have not yet confirmed a motive.

We heard that is a narrative, but we don’t know if that was the trigger for everything that had happened,” Lt. Paul Cherniak said, the Inquirer reports. “This could have been the result of an ongoing battle in a toxic relationship, or something could have recently surfaced which sparked what had happened.”

i mean,
i can see that as a possible motive.
why kill all those innocent people and himself?
if she mentioned homophobia in the past and not feeling comfortable,
something may have gone down in regards to that.
the two survivors will be able to paint a better picture of what happened.


You never know how deep someone’s hatred lies because of who you are.

some hyenas will try to take you outta this world due to jealousy and envy.
that is not to say you need to hide,
but you have to be careful.
everyone isn’t as welcoming with open arms.
you don’t know who is plotting.
if you find someone is giving hints of feeling discomfort around you,
it’s best to keep your distance from them.
no fighting or arguing in trying to make them see you differently.

Leave them alone and don’t give them any access.

be wary of males who were homophobic in the past but want to hook up in the present.
hyenas be wyldin.
may leslie leslie and delores wisdom rip.

lowkey: death is so crazy.
lauren and delores woke up that saturday and didn’t realize it was their last.

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  1. I’m not trying to victim shame, but I think Lauren Leslie should’ve distanced herself from her girlfriend. I think it would have been better for the both of them–assuming the father’s homophobia was the primary factor.

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