i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (106)

one night,
many moons ago,
i went out with an ex-friend and her mutual pack of lesbians.
we decided to go to dinner in the city.
we eat,
and things were good until i saw everyone start to dip one by one.

One she-jackal gonna text my ex-friend and say they are dining and dashing.

for those who don’t know,
dining and dashing means you eat at a restaurant and leave without paying.
ex-friend had to charge her card a good 200+ for the bill.
these pack of wild she-jackals in the following video decided to dine and dash,
but forgot their keys

i really enjoy stupidity.

what happens if you have no money to pay after a dine and dash?
does the restaurant bill you?
do you go straight to jail?

do you have to go wash dishes in the kitchen?
what really happens after?
dine and dashing is so low class.


10 outta 10; don’t recommend.

lowkey: can we stop giving waiters and waitresses hell?
know wtf you ordering before you start sending it back with countless issues.
i cringe at that shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (106)”

    1. I swear. Blk ppl want all of this, hold this, extra this, this on the side, separate checks like fukn venmo, zelle (and all hoodrats have cashapp) don’t exist. The icing on the cake is that they think leaving a dollar on the bill is a suitable tip.

      Indigenous hoodrat ppl all across the land: what yall should do is you and ur rat friends need to go to the grocery and liquor stores, buy shit, and prepare for and serve your rat selves!

      I’ll let you in on a secret – most non ‘urban’ places in NYC don’t carry Henny, or Ciroc, because they don’t want ppl who wreak of the stereotypes causing issues for them and their service staff.

      1. ^ “most non ‘urban’ places in NYC don’t carry Henny, or Ciroc, because they don’t want ppl who wreak of the stereotypes causing issues for them and their service staff.”


  1. I read if they didn’t return and pay the bill the waitress would have had to pay the bill.I don’t know if that’s true.Dining and dashing is not a victimless crime.I can’t stand a thief that includes dine and dashers, shoplifters, burglars,etc.

  2. So here is what happens, so if somebody went to TGI Friday’s, if they dine and dash, the waiter gets a write up but the restaurant pays the bill. If you are caught, u are banned from THAT restaurant and they can press charges. If you leave something and you dine and dash, you will be charged. People fail to realize there is this invention called a security camera.

  3. In french we call it “resto-basket” and it’s the most ghetto shit ever. I still have PTSD from some “friends” trying to do that.

    I stayed i paid for everthing, i was so embarrassed that i had to go overboard with the tip. I never went to that restaurant ever again, i was too ashamed.

    And these dumbass didn’t even see the problem with that and never apologised and even had the audacity of accusing me of trying too hard to act white, whatever that means.

  4. What happens is that the server is held responsible. They can either pay the entire bill out of their tips for the day (fucking blower) or get written up for not paying attention to their table. Good for that server. I’ve seen people work doubles and have to give up all the money on a walk out. Broke asses. I used to chase them and bring them motherfuckers back. I got snuffed once but I still dragged em back to pay. 🤬🤬

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