“do these dating insecurities make me look fat?” feat. @danotorious1jd

we all have insecurities,
especially when it comes to dating.

with all the good there might be a shit ton of bad.
i see some relationships i know and i’m like:

Why is this even a thing?

it’s funny how i use to desire to be in a relationship so bad,
but i’ve realized it stemmed from my insecurities.
some males can flawlessly pull the insecurities out of you.
i had jd aka @danotorious1jd,
one of my amazing foxholers,
come on the podcast to have a conversation with us…

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9 to 5, the 5 to 9, and everything in between feat. non-corporate girls

i’ve known my bff,
since 2002.

we actually met through someone else and became tight.
i watched pose go from working at the “toys r us” in times square to a multifaceted business vixen.
i’m so proud of her and it was a no brainer she would make an appearance on my podcast.
 last weekend,
she was joined with her other half,
rich auntie” from their own podcast,
non-corporate girls“.
we had a discussion about working a 9 to 5,
juggling a 5 to 9,
and everything in-between

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so let’s chat about “insidejamarifox: the podcast” for a sec…

i was shocked by the number of foxholers asking when the podcast was coming back.
thank you to those who were listening!
so i said that i wanted to try something new for this upcoming season 2.
karaoke and i have had a few discussions of the new direction.

“What about a third host?”

i was toying with the thought of the perspective from a straight wolf.
the ideas of an attentionisto would be perfect too.
a couple of weeks ago,
i was speaking to someone on the phone and had my “ha-ha” moment…

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episode 5 | “conversations while walking your llama”

another week; another podcast.
we have reached episode 5.
after my week last week,
i was excited to get back into the studio.
this week for “conversations while walking your llama“,
we discussed…

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episode 4 | it’s hard being black

i’ve always said that being black is very hard.
we are a special race of folks,
but we deal with the most every single day.
we witness white folks enjoying their privilege on a daily.
bad enough,
we have to deal some with our own jackals and hyenas as well.
well on this week’s podcast on “insidejamarifox: the podcast“,
the topic was…

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