so let’s chat about “insidejamarifox: the podcast” for a sec…

i was shocked by the number of foxholers asking when the podcast was coming back.
thank you to those who were listening!
so i said that i wanted to try something new for this upcoming season 2.
karaoke and i have had a few discussions of the new direction.

“What about a third host?”

i was toying with the thought of the perspective from a straight wolf.
the ideas of an attentionisto would be perfect too.
a couple of weeks ago,
i was speaking to someone on the phone and had my “ha-ha” moment…

“They would be the PERFECT third host for the podcast.”

i asked; they were down to join.
i decided that i wanted to bring on more guests as well.
i’ll have more folks from my forest,

I’ll be reviewing various foxholers for guest spots in the coming weeks!

all that is required make sure you have a laptop and a working mic/headphone.
issa no on phone headphones because it’s a pain in editing.
legit headphones that make you sound HD.
gaming headphones are the best.

we start filming the first episode for the second season on saturday.
God willing,
the podcast will air on tuesday,
i can’t wait for what we have to bring this upcoming season!
i’m booked again for tmz on wednesday (10/28) so stay tuned for that!
i’ll update if that changes tho.

2 thoughts on “so let’s chat about “insidejamarifox: the podcast” for a sec…

  1. Yassssss Mari! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ So glad that the podcast is coming back! And I can’t wait for your TMZ appearance! And I like that you’re going to allow guest speakers on as well. Authenticity is always a good thing.

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