jussie smollett is directing, but let’s see who is acting in “b-boy blues”

jussie smollett is off to the directing races.
as you know,
or didn’t,
he is bringing “b-boy blues” in his directorial debut.
filming has begun in new yawk and i saw some of the cast via “daily mail”…

picture cc: lion share news

i think the role of “raheim” is gonna be played by thomas mackey,
who i think is so fuckin’ fine:

he has been in many webseries from “triangle” to “uncle joey“.
i could see him playing the love interest tbh.
they are saying broderick hunter will be involved in this project too.
this sounds like its gonna be a good look for all the actors involved.
i can’t wait to see the finished product.

lowkey: i’m so curious how they’re filming movies during the rona.
what are sex scenes even gonna be like?
i mean,
they acting with dummies now…


article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “jussie smollett is directing, but let’s see who is acting in “b-boy blues””

  1. Isn’t..Mitchell supposed to be more in-between?
    And Robert Mackey gives me suburban football jock. Not rough around the edges trade.
    We shall see!

    And yes, when I watched Triangle I wanted Robert so badly.

  2. Something is telling me this is not going to go well. Where is it going to be playing on what network because he has been blackballed. Granted the movie should come out but I think he should have put something out to see if people will still follow him. I think he should have passed this on to Patrick Ian-Polk his ex husband. There have been movies that were shelved because of one person who worked either in it or on it.

  3. I will pray for the lensing, editing, and marketing of the film and hope it finds a theatrical home. It will get a “curiosity” look from the industry and select GP, if nothing else. I just hope it stands up to the scrutiny and expectation…

  4. I’m trying to be optimistic, but Jussie’s going to bomb this. It’s going to be overly pretentious and sexually gratuitous. By time its released, theaters will still be closed due to COVID, so it’ll be straight to VOD.

    Tyler Perry would’ve been the best person to bring this to life (as well as Invisible Life) but he refuses to live his truth or even acknowledge it.

    Patrik Ian Polk could’ve, but he’s too preachy and uses the same tired actors.

    Lee Daniels is too damn dark and sadistic, and B Boy Blues the novel was light despite its drama.

    Steven Canals is out of touch and he’s not Black enough periodt. He’d turn the characters into voguing cha cha queens with AIDS.

    Lena Waithe is a disgusting, patriarchal wanna-be white lesbian. Out of touch ain’t even the word for Mr. Thing.

    A new Black queer director should’ve been chosen, but we live in an era of clout.

    BTW Rhyheim films his Only Fans at Jussie’s house so don’t be surprised if some of the “models” end up in the film or vice versa.

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