guys, this is what 3 months of giving good dick can get you!

^this is the toxic “pick me” shit i be talmbout.
so i’ve come to notice that the songs of today represent the climate of relationships.
ive broken them down into the many types:

“I suck.
You suck.
We suck together,
but we will be toxic because we are scared of being alone.”

“I fucks with you,
but i fucks with my side hoe even more.
I don’t like you or the side hoe.
Ya’ll placeholders because I’m still in love with my ex.”

“I LOVE fuckin you and you love fuckin me…
We are a glorified fwb that pretend to be a couple.
We are just fuckin because it’s convenient and we both need sex.”

the gays are all of that plus:

“I want to come home to someone,
but since The Bible said men can’t be tied down to one person,
we will do an open relationship until we go nowhere.”

nothing about the music today makes you want to fall in love like the 90s and early 00s.
it’s all built on the foundation of sex,
and bullshit.
 the following flew down my twitter timeline and reminded me of a toxic song scenario.
it’s a vixen singing the top 100 tune of:

doing too much for a wolf,
but what has he done for her besides give her dick?“…

i cringed so hard that i puked.
3 months
not even 3 years.
not 3 decades.
3 whole months and she went that hard?
that’s worth a celebration in gay/bi dating tbh.
has the bar been set that low for the straights?
what kills me is the whole time at the restaurant,
he is on his phone.
he only looked up when she gave him the stack.
what did he do for her?
tell me it’s not just sitting there,
scrolling IG,
and waiting to take her back home to fuck her stupid.


he doesn’t even seem into her.
i gotta ask myself…

Are these vixens secretly gay?

does she sense “the bitch” within him?
she should walk around with a strap all day because she is the dominant one.
some vixens take on the aggressive role of acting as the man in the ship.
they do the chasing,
the spoiling,
paying for everything,
making the plans for each date,
but he sits back like princess peach in the mushroom kingdom.

when she starts complaining of feeling neglected,
all he does is lay down a good fuckin’ to make sure she stays stuck on stupid.
the bedroom is usually where he shows his dominance.

i feel like somewhere along the line,
straight (and even gay) males started playing vixens games of “hard to get” and “damsel in distress“.
all we gotta do is show up,
dick someone down to the point of confusion,
and end up getting cupcakes and even a car.
this be him when he sees the cupcakes and car:

gay males have been doing this with lonely gay males and the straights do it with the vixens.
i mean,
if it’s that easy

Can you even blame males for taking advantage?

this is what some of the songs of today are made from.

lowkey: take the vixen out in those tweets and add a lonely gay male.
the resemblance of both of those situations is uncanny.

38 thoughts on “guys, this is what 3 months of giving good dick can get you!

  1. I was really hoping that this was one of those social media couple pranks,that this was a stunt ,not real but I guess it’s real 😒.

    Know your worth 💎

      1. The fact that you’re going this hard means that you already know everything that’s being said is true and it hurts to have them reaffirmed.

        He’s just not that into you. Get over it. You’ve been played and just accept it. There are better men out her that will treat you the way you should be treated. She a therapist first to work over the absent father issue you have going on before hand.

  2. like i said on my twitter:

    i would have cooked him a meal and suck his dick for the rest of the night.
    swallowing optional.
    the next day,
    he can buy me something i wanted and pay off a bill.

    i get something; he gets something.
    we both happy.

    1. You saying all this but where’s yo man…. oop- exactly like how do you know what he did and didn’t like bitch she gave him flowers for every day for there relationship that cute and unique but then again judging how basic sucking dick and cooking is proves why you don’t have a man because who hasn’t done that for there man plenty of people have but how many people do you see doing what she did you don’t see it often

  3. Only Black women do this shit. Why? Because they know their options are limited when it comes to finding a black man. They’ve had to lower their standards a lot unfortunately simply because there aren’t many black men on their level. The ones that are like other men, or date women of other races.

    …and i bet you he still cheat.

    1. ^he was probably cheating while on his phone in the restaurant.
      dudes will accept all these gifts and be slaughtering you in a group chat with his boys.
      stay woke.

    2. BITCH WHAT PLENTY OF WOMEN DO THIS WHY RULE OF BLACK WOMEN LIKE GIRL BYE and limited options when it comes to black men bitch please like girl next like why tf do yall assume he is cheating like yall are hating on them for what exactly?

  4. Money won’t keep him from wandering. She doesn’t love herself. Someone broke did her wrong and now she thinks showering him with gifts will show her that she’s worth it. No, he’ll cheat and just give you some D and ask for an apology car to take his new girl out in.

    I think maybe me not letting guys do for me, is a problem. I just don’t want them thinking they control me. There has to be a balance. Both showering each other because they REALLY mean it.

    1. How do you know she doesn’t love herself bitch you sound dumb as fuck like bitch are you her do you know how she feels or even the boyfriend like bitch shut up damn.

      1. ^de,
        this is def you.
        no one is going hard for two randoms off twitter.

        so what happened after you gave him that stack?
        did he pull your tracks out after he smashed you into the headboard?

  5. People’s mentality sicker than this Rona, chile.
    The social media validation is surreal, honey.
    And you’d think they’d learn in highschool, still acting like children.
    I’ve seen it all before. Not surprised at this point.

  6. She gave this man a stack and even he said your tripping. She basically buying the relationship and the dick. Who giving their man a stack for giving them the best dick ever and its not even a national holiday? I know some bottoms who getting the best dick ever and they not giving a dollar on any day. They might go cook a meal or some tacos but they not giving up no money like that.

  7. 90 days and gays just getting through the whole “we together” phase. Now you gotta work harder to keep other bottoms from trying to ruin it by coming at you saying they fucked yo man, got pics of him from the past, or know shit about him that you don’t know. Just to break y’all up so they can take your spot.

  8. He looks exactly like he don’t have a big dick just know how to fuck with what he got. Maybe he do but his dick ain’t worth doing all that for clout. She only making herself look bad especially taking the pic of him on his phone. Sweetest Day ain’t even a national holiday. Its a Midwest thing only. Its supposed to be Valentine’s Day for the guys/tops to be appreciated since Valentine’s is for the women/bottoms. 90 days or 108, flowers or a night out is enough. If you put in they head they giving you the best dick ever and he treat you like that on his phone the whole time and not even into it like you, he not into you.

    1. ^the video of him on the phone is what got me.
      no shame?
      no pride?
      he is not into her,
      but she thinks showering him with gifts and money will keep him around.

      i refuse.

        1. Not with $1000. I don’t care what kind of gratitude and appreciation you have. You can show happiness and gratitude without paying $1000. You don’t know this person and you giving them that much. He even said she tripping. He not into her like that

  9. I’m stuck on the cupcakes of Best Dick Ever. Only a couple months in and you acting like you been in a relationship for years. You went this hard for a 90 day relationship and he still in his phone on Sweetest Day! Apparently you not the only one he giving the best dick ever too. That’s what different from women and men. A gay relationship has more standards then some of these women. There are some women who are treating her for going that hard. She is definitely the type that as long as you give her the dick, she could care less what he do.

    1. What? That makes no sense like tf since when did showing your gratitude and affection mean you have to know them for a long time she loves him and did something nice for him for the 100th time just cause he didn’t show it didn’t mean he didn’t feel it

      1. She gave this man $1000 after being with him 108 days. I’m not talking about the flowers or the cupcakes. When you giving that much to somebody who can’t even pay attention to you, something is wrong with that picture.

  10. Geesh! I know they Eatin’ Mama UP On Twitter! Crazy rite now cause there’s this WHOLE trendy movement on YouTube for the ladies about achieving monogamy and how as a women your “never” suppose to do the EXACT things she did; giving lavish gifts, money etc. because supposedly it makes a man feel emasculated and he then subconsciously loses respect for you, go figure, the whole shit was crazy but judging from ole’ boys reaction maybe these ladies are CORRECT! But personally I think it’s sad that straight men “can’t” even be wined & dined without some mental equation that they’re now less then, they are truly miss out on a lot in life 🥀 maybe that’s the “self hate” THEY deal with 🤔

    1. ^ even if he was fine af,
      she did way too much for a few months.
      do they even live together?
      she could have taken that stack and did something for herself.
      guys are pretty dumb.
      i would have cooked a meal and gave him head and swallowed all night.
      that would have done the trick than alla that.

      1. Why are you talking about all he does is give her dick like you know what he has and has not done for her he could have done plenty of shit for her but you just come out sounding jealous tbh

    2. Some people here must not have had a relationship to be talking about “oh he’s not that cute” “she only did that to keep him around” “only for some months” UMMMMMM obviously she loves him and just because it didn’t show on his face doesn’t mean he wasn’t happy like tbh yall honestly sound jealous like girl whatttt

      1. No she looks desperate and trying to keep a man that probably doesn’t even claim her or so the same energy back to her.

        These tactics make me feel she didn’t have a positive father figure in her life, causing her to buy a mans affection.

        If you can show he does the same for her go ahead….

        1. my point is she is not trying to keep him if he didn’t really love her or like her he could walk out and leave but he didn’t and yall don’t know how he really felt

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