guys, this is what 3 months of giving good dick can get you!

^this is the toxic “pick me” shit i be talmbout.
so i’ve come to notice that the songs of today represent the climate of relationships.
ive broken them down into the many types:

“I suck.
You suck.
We suck together,
but we will be toxic because we are scared of being alone.”

“I fucks with you,
but i fucks with my side hoe even more.
I don’t like you or the side hoe.
Ya’ll placeholders because I’m still in love with my ex.”

“I LOVE fuckin you and you love fuckin me…
We are a glorified fwb that pretend to be a couple.
We are just fuckin because it’s convenient and we both need sex.”

the gays are all of that plus:

“I want to come home to someone,
but since The Bible said men can’t be tied down to one person,
we will do an open relationship until we go nowhere.”

nothing about the music today makes you want to fall in love like the 90s and early 00s.
it’s all built on the foundation of sex,
and bullshit.
 the following flew down my twitter timeline and reminded me of a toxic song scenario.
it’s a vixen singing the top 100 tune of:

doing too much for a wolf,
but what has he done for her besides give her dick?“…

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