“do these dating insecurities make me look fat?” feat. @danotorious1jd

we all have insecurities,
especially when it comes to dating.

with all the good there might be a shit ton of bad.
i see some relationships i know and i’m like:

Why is this even a thing?

it’s funny how i use to desire to be in a relationship so bad,
but i’ve realized it stemmed from my insecurities.
some males can flawlessly pull the insecurities out of you.
i had jd aka @danotorious1jd,
one of my amazing foxholers,
come on the podcast to have a conversation with us…

this week,
we talked about:

Being insecure when it comes to dating males
Do looks matter within one night stands?
Open relationships within the gay community
The sexual fluidity movement with straight males

you can listen here:

x listen on other platforms

i’m so grateful for jd to join us for this discussion.
as always,
thanks to everyone for the countless support!

love ya.

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  1. I always love the concept of talking about the dating world especially as I am embarking on joining the world currently.

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