marshall price busts down the walls of the internet with his #silhouettechallenge

*the following entry is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

there are certain people who are no brainers for these internet challenges.
you already know they will do well off the strength of their “talents“.

Marshall Price was a no-brainer for the #silhouettechallenge

this was his entry that had rihanna’s internet losing its mind…

it’s like when chloe bailey did the #busitchallenge.
marshall won; everyone else can go home.
i always keep asking myself when it comes to him:

Who is he fuckin with that disrespectful ass dick?

is this why he doesn’t upload any sex tapes?
i feel like fuckin’ him would need to be discussed.
even watching someone suck on it!


imagine if he is really horny and wanted to literally fuck you hard.
( x allegedly this is him fuckin’ )
if that is him,
that looked easy.

his ass >
i applaud anyone who is taking that meat tho.
i hope they have stock in ice packs.

lowkey: i love that marshall has front AND back tho.

x see it here

he is a literal snack in all areas.


21 thoughts on “marshall price busts down the walls of the internet with his #silhouettechallenge

  1. see i knew his would be it. i’m just surprised by now so major porn studio hasn’t hired him to do real porn. mb he turned them down for onlyfans. but damn

  2. Didn’t want to say it but I think Marshall uses a pump and photoshop, I dunno why because it’s already above average to begin with or maybe it’s to increase his subscribers….

  3. I refuse to believe the silhouette is real! It’s giving very much ‘did it for the gram’ based. I need to see a ‘step into the light carol ann’ receipt.

      1. I some how missed the links jamari posted. And while he is def blessed in the front AND the back (very nice cakes for a lean dude), that silhouette was like, 1 inch from the knee, Julio Gomez hung. The sex vid nor the shower gif, while nice, were no where near that silhouette. Ijs. Sexy dude all the way around tho.

  4. He’s cool and all my only problem with him is his twitter is far better than his onlyfans which I don’t really understand

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