“WELL SORRY CHAD THE ATTENTION IS NOT ON YOU” (how to execute a bhm dragging by @miladyconfetti )

i’ve been indulging in watching twitch streamers play video games as of late.
it keeps my mental health stable.
jason sulli is the plug to all of the twitch streamers i watch currently.
he introduces us to a lot of streamers since he is extremely popular on his platform.
he played “dead by daylight” with a streamer named “miladyconfetti“.
i started following her because we need to support more black gamers,
especially black vixens who game as well.
she was on the front page of twitch yesterday,
but she had to execute a flawless dragging that i had to show the foxhole.
she is super pro-black and plays no games about that.
a raccoon made the mistake of trolling about “white history month“.

it was the clown music and the daenarys screw face for me.

milady scalped them and is holding their hair for ransom.
i’m sure their search history is all about “follicle stimulator“.
it’s disgusting when white folks complain about having a white history month.
don’t be fuckin’ dense.
turn your fuckin’ brain on.
i think milady needs to go down in bhm history as the best drag thus far.
we salute you in the foxhole for your immaculate way with words and use of receipts!

lowkey: as soon as feb 1 hit,
a lot of black streamers on twitch have been experiencing a shit ton of racism.
the racist jackals are on the prowl.
i don’t think twitch moderates their platform and it’s getting outta control.

i want you to check out miladyconfetti on her: twitch
show her some love on: twitter | instagram

…also check out on twitch: diehardiva | t-pain

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on ““WELL SORRY CHAD THE ATTENTION IS NOT ON YOU” (how to execute a bhm dragging by @miladyconfetti )”

  1. A lot of it comes from HS kids who think it’s funny to troll and get that response from ppl. I went to school with ppl who did this and they just think it’s joke. They don’t think it’s actually doing anything and if they get in any serious trouble then they think that ppl are overreacting. Problem is that a lot don’t grow out of that. So you mix them in with ppl who actually do believe that crap and it’s just a big ass headache to deal with. But she’s right, none of them actually care about any “white history month”. They just salty that someone else is getting the attention.

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