bi the way, that’s what the podcast is about this week!

i didn’t think i was gonna podcast this week.
i’ve been so sick,
but i managed to pulled it together.
this week was all about the bisexuals

you know we lovvvvvvvve the bisexuals on the foxhole.
we touched a little on the coronavirus,
we went speaking on the newest bisexual sensation,
cartlon morton,
on netflix’s “love is blind“.
after that,
we had some good talk about karaoke.
i might have changed her mind on how she might have viewed male bisexuals too.
oh yeah,
we went there.
i can’t wait for you all to hear!




6 thoughts on “bi the way, that’s what the podcast is about this week!

  1. These comments and suggestions are spot on! I tuned into a podcast and I was not expecting that amount of cussing and redundant talk. You have been in this blog game for a minute…but I’m hittin up your page and it’s a gamble…one new story..or no story…verses at least three to.five pieces of content. Focuse on producing both endeavors…content..the amount of time you’re going to spend on a subject and more importantly what subject and what you’re going to say in a timely manner…keeping our attention…I miss the days of work wolf….that was entertaining and kept everyone’s attention!

    1. I’m not trying to be rude. I know you’re taking a risk and trying something new, So I give credit, but a lot of this dialogue is boring and not very interesting. It seems more appropriate for an “off-air” convo and not something the masses care about. Hope you’re feeling better. I really love prefer your posts over listening to over an hour of bland chat 💭

      1. ^well thank you hardroc.
        i am starting to feel better,
        thanks to the medication.
        i was able to sleep without coughing up a storm.

        i appreciate your feedback.
        i would also appreciate hearing what would you,
        or anyone,
        like to hear in order to make this successful.
        i have been writing for 10 years and wanted to try something new.
        i am only as good as my support system saying “try this” or “don’t try that”.
        thank you again for your comments as any criticism is helpful.

        1. I agree with hardroc, huge fan of your blog. But you gotta remember the people of this generation attention span is short. A very quick and brief summary of you guys day is fine. But within 10 minutes of the podcast I turned it off. Took too long to get to the topic. I assume most of your audience or twenty somethings like me, we get bored easily and need you to just dive right in, especially with a topic as juicy and controversial as this one.

          Much love.

        2. I’m glad you’re feeling better. You are an awesome creative writer, and your stories flow in a manner that typically keeps my attention. With any writing, within the first couple of sentences, if you don’t grasp my attention, I’m not going to continue reading. So with the podcast it seems to focus a lot about you and your co-host for an excessive amount of time. I started forwarding through the podcast trying to get to the good stuff because the convo you were having was not interesting to me. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of your life obstacles and day to day experiences are fascinating and relatable to me, when you blog about them, but verbally it comes across different. I understand the need to get stuff off your chest, but when you got fired from your job(s), I understand that it’s a tough situation. But it seemed like you continued to harp on it unnecessarily to where it was coming across as whining/complaining/victim and about how great of a worker you are and how you always get the short end of the stick. What value does that provide to me as the listener? There are plenty of podcast/broadcast models to follow, .i.e., would Wendy do that? When I listen to any talk radio show, or follow social media vlogs it’s because the content is engaging. So much is happening in the world right now at a rapid pace, and so many great topics of discussion, I would say to strategize a bit more. Because I could easily just go to the shade room, or a thousand other outlets/pages, and be more entertained. And maybe keep the podcast a bit shorter until you get more of a following and then possibly extend the length of the podcast. You have a lot of connects/interesting subjects. Maybe you should consider getting them involved. Just my opinion.

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