elizabeth warren is out (too)

a bittersweet end.
elizabeth warren has dropped out of the presidential race.
my home-wolf claims she took a lot of bernie’s policies so she was a clone of his.
she was a tough candidate and many folks did indeed like her.
my question is…

Is the US not ready for a female president?

elizabeth was pretty damn good during her campaign,
but i don’t think we are.
we weren’t ready for a racist president,
but white males aren’t ready to be led by anyone female or gay yet.
she will always be remembered for these scalding draggings tho:

we’re gonna miss ya liz.
i knew this asshole would have something to font:

i’d like it they’d pull her on as a vp tho.
that would be an interesting presidential run.

low-key: tulsi is still hanging strong,
but i feel she will leave shortly.

11 thoughts on “elizabeth warren is out (too)

  1. The USA can’t tolerate a female President. It couldn’t even tolerate a “mixed” male one.

    An openly gay President….Nope.

    It was obvious Warren was gonna lose too. Not only because she was a woman. She was Pro-trans and was against a bill where they said boys should not be allowed to play girl sports.

    America was taken by white men, and constructed for the pleasure of white men…. domineering rich old white men who brought their religious beliefs over and tried to conquer the Native Americans, who weren’t having it so they basically almost wiped them out and reduced their existence to casinos, National Parks, free tuition and some brushed over holiday that has nothing to do with what really happened…Bring on over the blacks..We’ll get them, dirt poor Whites and Latinos and make them build a kingdom for us, made only for us..but continue to give them scraps so they won’t whine too much.

    It seems apparent who the American people believe should run their country. An old heterosexual white male with strong “Christian” values. He can be the biggest asshole ever as long as he has money and acts like an Alpha Male, and pretends to be “holy.” He’s the perfect candidate. He will be able to get away with a lot of stuff, not only because of his complexion but because of his “faith and power.”

    This is their Jesus. How they see him. A fair-skinned male savior. Never a woman, or minority or anything affiliated with LGBTQ.

    Just a white or “white passing” male with a lot of talk about a lot of power he has.

    There are only two types of strong Trump voters: The Racist (or Prejudiced) and The Money-Hungry.

    America would also never allow an Asian President, a Latino President (possibly if he’s white Latino) or any other minority group.

    This is what some of them really want deep down inside:


  2. A gay President, what the hell do you think Mike Pence is. Just because he is VP don’t mean he not gay. He may have anti-gay policies but don’t some of normal gay people have those same policies too. Look at the church. They ready to condemn gay people but not realizing most gay people in church. Choir directors, Ministry Leaders, Deacons, and Musicians. Not to mention some down low pastors too.

    1. ^ 😂😂😂

      i side eye all homophobes.
      there is always something lurking.
      he seems very anti-woman too,
      but i could be wrong.

      1. Pence is gay as fuck. I know allyuh saw that congressman that came out as gay today, but had backed anti LGBT legislation majority of his career. It’ll come out around 2037 or so….

  3. Hillary was the most qualified out of every female who ran. She was First Lady for 8 years, she was a Senator, she was the US Secretary of State for 4 years. Regardless of her policy, she was the most qualified to be the first Female President. If her resume doesn’t qualify anybody to be President then why the fuck was this Asshole elected. He has NO political experience at all. He only has failed business experiences. He was elected because the country just had a black President and they wasn’t ready for a Female President, two things most of these old farts said hell would freeze over before that happens.

    1. ^i’m still very baffled why trump is president.
      the way he handles things is so awful.

      i think this coronavirus is gonna turn many of his supporters off on him tho.
      the way how he handles it and if people really start dying,
      it’s gonna have some blowback on him.
      this might be a scheme to make him look stupid af.

  4. The only way this country will accept a female President is if Nancy Pelosi manages to be next in line if something happens by default. Meaning, if there was a situation like on the movie 2012 where on the way to safe locations, the President, VP and joint chiefs were killed and Nancy was next. That would be the only way this country accepts a female President.

      1. A black woman? A BLACK WOMAN? Who at the height of her husband’s career was attacked RELENTLESSLY for (some of) her fashions, her body, her supposed masculinity? Nah.

        U got wayy too much dip on ya chip bro bro. Lol But it would be nice to dream. 😍😩

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