her likes are about to be effected since she became a killer off social media

we get so caught up in the bodies,
and likes that we often don’t realize:

Social media ain’t real

i mean,
we don’t go on there to post our depressions or failures,
but we do make sure we look like we are enjoying life even if it’s all a lie.
meet karina vanessa corbalan in the dog filter above.
she posted these pics on twitter with her boyfriend,
alejandro sanchez,
in 2018:

you’d think they were a sexy couple and living the good life,
well life comes at you fast…

A woman was arrested early Tuesday morning, a day after she shot her boyfriend in the chest in Hialeah, killing him, authorities confirmed.

The shooting was reported Monday morning in the area of West 58th Street and 21st Avenue.

Sky 10 was above the scene as a black car with a busted windshield was spotted in the area.

According to her arrest report, officers arrived at the scene to find Karina Vanessa Corbalan, 23, kneeling over her boyfriend’s body.

Police said she told officers that she had shot her boyfriend, Alejandro Sanchez, 28. Authorities said he had been shot multiple times, including in the chest.

i wonder what the motive was for killing him?
she was living a pretty ( x abundant life ).
he was fine too:

i learned how deceptive social media can be.
i was vex af in nola,
but my pictures and videos painted a different story.
everyone thought i was having fun,
but with every pic and video,
i can tell you exactly how annoyed i was.
making folks think i was enjoying myself was a better deflect.

 highlight reels are still a thing in 2020.
i’ve been guilty of being insecure off certain things.
you see others living their best lives,
in these amazing relationships,
and you feel like you aren’t up to par in your own life.
on the flip of the coin,
i’ve seen a lot of cappin’ off of social media from various sources.
i guess we can’t be totally honest because it’s similar to high school.
our images and popularity mean much more.

low-key: she looks so different off social media…

she was a demon underneath those filters.

article cc: local 10

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “her likes are about to be effected since she became a killer off social media”

  1. Bollywood movies are so outrageous….

    In any case, it could be anything..

    15 times is a lot to be shooting someone. You don’t do that unless they really did something terrible to hurt you. Very terrible.

    I rarely post what I do on social media and I have nosy folks who are watching my page. Like if I take a trip to Florida or somewhere, I’ll post the pic the day I am leaving or when I am at home. I never let anyone know but my best friend before I go somewhere.

    I rarely post anything since all most people do is try to compare their lives with your life and when something happens, go back to find old posts to make you look less credible.

    I’m very low-key with my business. I’ve had a “ring” on my finger all of a sudden, went on a vacation all of a sudden…etc


    As far as social media and others

    I’ve seen a few Succubus in pictures before of people I’ve know on Facebook. The boyfriend is praising his female but looks worn out sack of potatoes and she looks happy and fine but they argue all the time off social media…. 🤷‍♂️

    1. ^15 times is personal.
      she aimed that gun at him and went off.

      i’m interested in hearing why she would kill him.
      she never had him on her page either.
      his page is private so i can’t see what’s happening on his end.

      1. Hey I actually knew this couple in real life and I don’t mean to put their business out there but she actually cheated on him .. her and her best friend had a threesome with another guy and he found out , got mad and hit her, she got really mad that he laid his hands on her and he ended their 5 year relationship.. & yeah she killed him for it. I hate that everyone’s focusing on her instead of him… Alejandro was such a good guy and really loved her.. she on the other hand, only cares about being ig famous… & her dreams are coming true

        1. ^ i think she is getting the attention because she is an ig chick who had everything.
          they appeared to be happy and it was very confusing why she would kill him.
          i’m glad you shed light on the situation.
          shame she didn’t stop and think.
          she will probably be locked up for the rest of her life.

          rip to alejandro.

          1. He did not hit her, she was the one who always hit him. Those bruises were from when she was arrested last year for assaulting an officer and stealing.

        2. So why she didn’t hit him back her actions are beyond wrong her days will never be sunny again

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